Johan Vásquez and Genoa were relegated to Serie B in Italy; this was his last game in the First Division


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With a disjointed face and discouragement on the shoulders of the players, Genoa said goodbye to Serie A after suffering the defeat by the unit before the Bologna. Although Johan Vásquez’s team did not finish as the worst squad of the season, their 28 points achieved over 38 games were barely enough to occupy step number 19 of 20 affiliated teams, that is, among the last three condemned to return to the silver division.

At the start of the meeting the scenario was complex. The Genoa still had a chance to save himself from relegationalthough to achieve it he had to win by nine goals or more difference to the twelfth best team in the classification. In case of achieving it, in addition, they had to wait for a defeat of the Salerno in their last game, a squad that is still fighting for the last position in relegation with Cagliari.

With the panorama against them, the Genoese jumped onto the lawn of the Luigi Ferraris Stadium to die facing the Sun in front of their people. At the match, Johan Vásquez returned to the starting lineup on the orders of Alexander Blessin and gave a magnificent display of football. Throughout his participation, he recalled the arguments that led him to be hired by Genoa and establish himself as one of the best Mexican defenders abroad.

Johan Vásquez relegated with Genoa to Serie B (Photo: Screenshot/ESPN)
Johan Vásquez relegated with Genoa to Serie B (Photo: Screenshot/ESPN)

Knowing that they were playing their last game on the top circuit of Italian football, they sought end with his goal clean. They got it for the first 45 minutes. However they could not stop the Bolognese offensive. In the second half, the goal defended by Adrian Semper couldn’t take it anymore and was bowed down after an error at the back of the local team.

In the 66th minute, after a throw-in, Musa Barrow tried to connect a wall in the large area of ​​Genoa. He achieved his goal, although not as he would have imagined, as the midfielder Hernani he returned the ball unintentionally and facilitated the position of the Genoese striker. When he was in front of the goalkeeper, it was only enough cross the ball to sentence the descent of the local players.

At the end of 90 minutes, the players gathered in the center of the field of play to thank the support of the fans. The sadness was impossible to hide, although the assistants in the stands tried to raise the spirits of their players with songs and legends embodied in mosaics and posters. “The same colors that fall into the sea when the sun sets without saying goodbye”said one of the monumental banners.

The fans fired their team hoping to return to the First Division (Photo: Twitter/@GenoaFC)
The fans fired their team hoping to return to the First Division (Photo: Twitter/@GenoaFC)

With the result, Vásquez joined the list of Mexican players who have dealt with the descent in their clubs in Europe. before him, Miguel Layun he did it with Atalanta, as well as Andrew Saved in Rayo Vallecano, Paul Barrier and West Ham, Giovanni Dos Santos In mallorca, Guillermo Ochoa with the Granada Javier Aguirre with Leganes and Hugo Sanchez with Rayo Vallecano, among others.

It was thus that Genoa put end to an uninterrupted permanence over 15 years in Serie A. So far, the second confirmed relegation is Venezia and the third place will be defined when Cagliari and Salernitana unburden their corresponding matches.

Meanwhile, having been crowned in Series B 2021-22, Lecce and runner-up Cremonese they are the teams chosen to ascend directly. Pisa FC finished in third position, but did not meet the condition of overcoming fourth place by more than 9 points. In that case, you must play a playoff with the winner of the semi-final between the Monza and Brescia Football Association to define the third invited to Series A.


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