John Romero sells a keyboard he broke while playing Doom


Do you have loose? It turns out that a John romero has given him to put up for sale on eBay the keyboard of a Mac that broke in a game of Doom. The creator of the game itself has participated in heated online clashes and in one of them, this peripheral was loaded. Now it’s “spring cleaning” he said.

In itself it does not have a very high value, but on a “sentimental” level, it certainly has value, both for him and for his followers.

He explained that although it is not something frequent, that day he made the decision to push harder and from what it seems he did reach the end of the game.

Doom has a legion of followers, who have also enjoyed more work done by John Romero, although none with this draft. When we say draft, we mean that a guy managed to make it work on a pregnancy test. That draft.

Source: Comicbook

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