John Wick 4 director talks about how Keanu Reeves trained and the Ghost of Tsushima movie


The John Wick franchise has never played it safe when it comes to its jaw-dropping action scenes starring Keanu Reeves. In John Wick: Chapter 4, which hits theaters on March 23, 2023, Reeves and director Chad Stahelski return for an epic new adventure, set to run for the longest run in franchise history.

Lionsgate released a stunning new trailer today, offering a glimpse of some of the jaw-dropping scenes we’ll see when the film is released next year. We talked to Stahelski to explain how it is possible that his team continues to push the limits with bigger and better fights in each new installment of the John Wick saga.

“It all starts with me,” Stahelski tells IGN. “So if you want a better John Wick 5, I have to get better. I have to learn some tricks as a director, I have to try new lenses. I have to learn to edit. I have to learn to shoot better. I have to learn to talk better to my I have to be able to go to meetings and cast my movies better to get the best actors I can.”

Getting better, according to Stahleski, also extends to his longtime collaborator and friend, Keanu Reeves, who spent months learning how to properly use nunchucks for the next movie.

Keanu spent months beating himself up, getting good with nunchucks.

“Keanu has to get better. He has to get better at John Wick. He has to expand, he has to get better at martial arts. He has to get better in every way,” Stahelski explained. “Keanu uses nunchucks in this movie, which you guys saw in the trailer. Keanu spent months beating himself up, getting good with them. Ambidextrous, right hand, left hand, while shooting a gun. Damn guy is great at it.” .

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John Wick: Chapter 4 will further expand the story and the world, adding new and fascinating characters who will join Reeves on this adventure. We were particularly interested in what iconic Chinese martial arts star Donnie Yen (Rogue One, Ip Man) brought to the table as Caine.

“Donnie is very cooperative,” Stahelski said. “He doesn’t just show up on set, he’s with us. He brings a very Keanu-like work ethic and brings a very different perspective to the current genre, especially from the Asian action side, which was very instructive.” And it was a great learning experience to work with him as well. He also taught me a few things, which is great.”

Stahelski keeps busy with other projects outside of the John Wick universe. In March 2021, we learned that Stahelski was going to direct a film adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, with Takashi Doscher attached to write the screenplay.

“As for Ghost of Tsushima,” Stahelski told IGN, adding that “it’s on my list of things I’m dying to direct. We have a really good script, we’re still working out some details because it’s something totally new. played Ghost of Tsushima you realize the visual style and how intricate it is”.

Don’t forget to check out the new trailer for John Wick 4.