Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow takes on Kratos in this God of War mod


The trial between the actor and Amber Heard causes us to see crossovers as unusual as this one.

Surely you are tired of hearing about the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that has been shaking social networks in recent weeks, but since video games are no stranger to today, the community has begun to pull their imaginations to relate it in some way to the world.

Proof of this is the God of War (2018) mod that Omega Fantasy recently uploaded to its YouTube channel. In the video that we leave you on these lines you will be able to see a battle between Jack Sparrow and Kratos which is surprising because the attitude of the god’s opponent (whose original identity we will not reveal) does not fit at all badly with the character of the Disney saga.

This addition is just a joke about it, with extra pirate-related sounds added later and even music from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise playing in the background once the fight begins. Yes indeed, the level of detail in the modeling is surprising of Sparrow that, although it does not fit completely with the graphics of the game, is proof that we can see more and more madness of this type thanks to the mods carried out by users of the community.

God of War

During the last years we have seen Jack Sparrow appear in other video games, although officially. For example, the entire Pirates of the Caribbean universe appeared in Kingdom Hearts 3, breaking with a more realistic aesthetic compared to what the Square Enix saga has accustomed us to, and we also saw a character played by Johnny Depp making an appearance in Sea of Thieves, Rare’s pirate title.

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