Jordi Alba gave details about his hostile reception to Ibai Llanos at the “last supper” at Lionel Messi’s house

Jordi Alba revealed details of his meeting with Ibai at Messi’s house

the spanish footballer Jordi Albaone of the most emblematic players of the FC Barcelonavisited had a fun time chatting about different aspects of his life on Spanish TV and told how his meeting with the streamer was Ibai Llanoswhom he met during an evening that took place at the house of Lionel Messi just before the Argentine star was signed by the Paris Saint Germain.

Alba was invited along with adriana torrebejano y Henry Maple in the program ‘Martinez and Brothers’ from Movistar Plus+where the driver Dani Martinez suggested that he tell an anecdote about how that famous woman was “last scene” from Messi in Barcelona.

“I told Ibai Llanos everything”confessed Jordi Albawho did not want to overlook that Ibai is a fan of Real Madrid. When she found out that he was one of the guests of Messiimmediately set out to make him uncomfortable for being an amateur merengue in the house of a culé legend.

Ibai Llano was one of the guests at the "last scene" of Lionel Messi in Barcelona.
Ibai Llano was one of the guests at Lionel Messi’s “last dinner” in Barcelona.

“I didn’t know Ibai but I knew he was from Madrid and I thought that as soon as I saw him I was going to tell him something, I wasn’t going to shut up”explained the left back, who shared that meeting with Sergio Busquetsthe When Omenthe Argentine streamer Coscu and other people from the inner circle of the players. “He got closer to where we were (Leo, Busquets and Alba himself) and I told him ‘what are you doing here? You’re from Madrid…’ and he was shocked”deepened.

The emblematic Barça player clarified to Dani Martinez and all the spectators that their comments were always joking and that during the rest of the evening they had a very pleasant dialogue. Even, Jordi Alba He also said that he offered him a beer that Ibai Llanos but he rejected her because he doesn’t drink alcohol.

Ibai Llanos’ version of his meeting with Jordi Alba

Own streamer He had previously told his version of that crossing with Jordi Alba. “Messi knows that I am from Madrid, I have told him that he has also made me very sad, obviously, all Madridistas have suffered a lot. I am from Madrid in Messi’s house, I am from Madrid in my streaming and I’m from Madrid in GreenlandI want that to be clear”, he had said in August of last year.

Jordi Alba It comes from scoring a very important goal for the Barcelona. The left side in the fourth minute of discount the goal with which the Catalan team defeated as a visitor by 2-1 al Betisnew champion of the Copa del Rey, which allowed him to qualify for the next edition of the UEFA Champions League.


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