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Jordi Alba revealed one of Barcelona’s best kept secrets: how his connection with Lionel Messi was created

Jordi Alba and Lionel Messi make an almost lethal pair in attack (Reuters)
Jordi Alba and Lionel Messi make an almost lethal pair in attack (Reuters)

Despite being a left back, Jordi Alba is one of the key pieces in Barcelona’s attack. Throughout his nine years as a Barça player, the Spaniard he became an indispensable player for each coach who passed through the club not only for his work in defense but also for the connection he forged with Lionel Messi.

This relationship is one of the ones that brought the most joy to the culé team, since from it came numerous goals at key moments and, although it is a formula that is constantly repeated after so long, rivals still can’t figure out how to stop it.

In dialogue with the program The day after of Movistar +, the former Valencia defender explained how this association was created and surprised more than one with his answer.

The captain and the Barcelona defender showed their good harmony many times in attack (Reuters)
The captain and the Barcelona defender showed their good harmony many times in attack (Reuters)

“We don’t work it. Both Leo and I look for each other a lot. If I give it to him, I know that it creates danger or mark, and I always try to give it to him. Although the rivals know us more every day and now I also try to give it to other teammates. It is not something worked. It comes out alone ”, revealed the spanish

“I do more damage when I am not expected, when I take advantage of the space that my colleagues generate. At Barça it is more difficult to give assists, because the rivals close more, but I am giving many and hopefully I will give many more ”, he added.

Along the same lines, he was also consulted on the moment that the Barcelona captain lives, whose future within the club remains unknown: “Once the campaign started, we haven’t talked about that. He is a very humble boy and he helped me a lot. I am better and I perform more with him in my team and hopefully he will continue for many more years at Barcelona, it would be the best for everyone. I hope it continues. For Barça it would be good ”.

Jordi Alba spoke of his relationship with Messi

Loved by many and defenestrated by others, the left-back acknowledged that, “I am one of the most hated players in football, but it is my way of playing. That has led me to where I am now. But outside I am a humble person and I value everything. The Jordi player has nothing to do with the Jordi person. Although playing I know that I am very heavy and I understand that they hate me ”.

At the same time he added that, “Some say I don’t know how to defend. I know that it is not my main quality, but I have improved a lot. I still have a lot to learn ”.

Finally, regarding the present that Barcelona is going through, Alba commented: “We are trying to recover the sensations. Important players have left, among the best in the world, and it will cost much more, but with the young people who have arrived and those who follow, we are going to try to regain that level so that we can win titles ”.

“I can still give much more at my club. I work with the same enthusiasm as when I made my debut in the First Division with Valencia at age 20 and hopefully I can spend many more years in the elite. I take great care of myself ”, he concluded.


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