Jorge Messi’s phrase about a possible return of Leo to Barcelona: “I don’t think he’ll come back”


Lionel Messi has a contract with PSG until June 2024 and for weeks the Parisian team has been working to try to extend it for at least one more year. In this context, the Spanish press was surprised to find Jorge Messi, the footballer’s father and agent, at the El Prat airport in Catalonia.

It was a cornista from the Sport portal who ran into him and wasted no time in asking him if he thinks that La Pulga will defend the colors of the culé team again. “I don’t think Leo will play for Barça again,” Jorge replied to dispel any kind of speculation. “The conditions are not met. We have not spoken with Laporta and there is no offer, ”he added before taking his flight.

What happens is that Messi is considered one of the greatest idols of the institution and the fans of the Blaugrana club do not lose hope of seeing him again at the Camp Nou. However, it is clear that there is no type of negotiation in this regard and that for now the Argentine continues to negotiate with PSG, his current team.

In the last few hours, the daily The team He published an article in which he seriously jeopardized the continuity of Argentina’s historic number 10 at PSG. “The story between Lionel Messi and Paris Saint Germain is always written with an ellipsis”, was the phrase chosen by the authors of the note, the journalists Damien Degorre and Loïc Tanzi. It is that in the high spheres of the Parisian group they believe that there was a change of decision of the forward in the last months. Beyond the first meeting, both parties agreed to a new meeting in the coming days in a place that will not be the capital of France.

Lionel Messi withdrew from Barcelona in tears and assuring that he did not want to leave (Reuters)
Lionel Messi withdrew from Barcelona in tears and assuring that he did not want to leave (Reuters)

According to the French media, the period between the Rosario return after his World Cup consecration and now, was a time when the Messi family took the opportunity to analyze other options on the table. The first one that appears? Moving to the United States. “He would be tempted to cross to the other side of the Atlantic to commit to Inter Miamidirected by David Beckham, where his family imagines settling down”, they assure in The team.

Last week a Twitch clip had gone viral in which Matías, one of Lionel Messi’s brothers, assured that there was no possibility of returning to Catalonia: “I have a clipping pasted in my house where we were born and one from the newspaper Sport says ‘Messi should return to Barcelona’. So I captioned below, ‘ha ha ha’. We are not going back and if we do come back, we are going to do a good cleaning, among them, kicking out Joan Laporta… Ungrateful, with everything Messi gave Barcelona”. Given the repercussion that such a phrase had, he had to apologize and assured that Barcelona is his second home for his family and that he feels affectionately waiting for the fans of the culé team.

Messi He played 17 seasons in Barcelona and with 778 games he was the footballer with the most appearances in official club matches. In addition, he is the institution’s top scorer with 672 goals and won 35 titles, including four Champions League.

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