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Joseph Blatter came out of a coma, but his health is delicate

Joseph Blatter's family had kept his state of health a secret (EFE)
Joseph Blatter’s family had kept his state of health a secret (EFE)

This Thursday the daughter of Joseph blatter, Corinne Blatter Andenmatten, reported that her father was in an induced coma for a week after having heart surgery in December. The 84-year-old former leader, who also tested positive for coronavirus in late 2020, has improved enough to leave the intensive care unit at a hospital in Switzerland.

“Doctors are satisfied with his condition. But he still has a lot left“, said Corinne in an interview with the Swiss press. “It was the hardest and saddest Christmas of my life.”

This news came hours after the Swiss prosecutor’s office closed one of the investigations against the former president of FIFA, who had already seen another investigation filed in May 2020. The one who was the top leader of world football He was suspected of having damaged FIFA’s interests by making him assume the bill of 365,000 dollars (300,000 euros) of a private plane flight carried out in 2007 by Trinidadian Jack Warner, currently suspended for corruption and accused by the US justice.

Blatter was suspended by FIFA from all football-related activities (AFP)
Blatter was suspended by FIFA from all football-related activities (AFP)

Prosecutor Thomas Hildbrand “classified” this investigation in January, he told the news agency AFP the federal prosecutor’s office, confirming information from the newspaper The world. The Public Ministry of the Confederation (MPC) did not indicate the reasons for this decision, which occurs after the one produced in May 2020 on an investigation into television rights attributed by FIFA in 2005 to the Caribbean Football Union, then directed by Jack Warner.

Three investigations remain against the former president of the FIFA, who left the organization after the outbreak of scandals that plagued his organization in 2015. First, the controversial payment of 2 million Swiss francs to Michel platini (then president of UEFA) in 2011, without a written contract. Since last May, the Swiss justice has also investigated a loan of one million dollars approved in 2010 by FIFA to the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation, then chaired by Jack Warner.

Further, FIFA, now chaired by Gianni Infantino, filed a complaint last December against its former president for “criminal mismanagement” due to the pharaonic project of the football museum in Zurich, which cost 500 million Swiss francs (about USD 564 million).

Blatter chaired FIFA between 1998 and 2015
Blatter chaired FIFA between 1998 and 2015

Hospitalized since December, the 84-year-old former leader “is not yet aware of this demand for the museum and so much the better.” “He would be uselessly angry,” said his daughter Corinna in an interview with the Swiss media group CH-Media to be published on Friday.

Asked about the stress of facing numerous charges and questioning with prosecutors, the woman stated: “You can imagine that he has been under intense pressure.” He spoke in detail about his father’s health for the first time, ahead of a meeting next week in one of the civil and criminal cases between FIFA and its president from 1998-2015.

Blatter appeared to have overcome the coronavirus and expected his heart surgery to be routine. “But everything got more complicated and dangerous,” said her daughter. “In total he spent more than a week in an induced coma and could not communicate.”

“He has earned the right to enjoy the rest of his life without being constantly attacked by his previous employer”said Blatter Andenmatten, who asked: “You should be given what you need on the path to recovery: rest, time and relaxation.”


FIFA denounced Blatter: they investigate irregularities in the construction of a museum that cost more than 500 million dollars

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