Joshua Jackson Was Taken Off Surprise By Jodie Turner-Smith Divorce


Joshua Jackson Was Taken Off Surprise By Jodie Turner-Smith Divorce:

Joshua Jackson was apparently “caught off guard” when Jodie Turner-Smith decided to separate from their marriage after almost four years. A source stated to me Tuesday that the “Dawson’s Creek” star didn’t think the couple’s problems were sufficiently major to warrant a divorce.

“Jodie’s decision to get a divorce caught Joshua by surprise,” the person said. “Like most couples, they had their problems, which is especially true for two busy actors who are additionally raising a child,” they said. “It’s clear that Joshua didn’t know it was this bad or that Jodie was this sad.”

After almost four years of marriage, Jodie Turner-Smith applied for a divorce from Joshua Jackson upon Monday. Even though the couple had just been pictured together at New York Fashion Week, the split came as a surprise.

On September 9, They Went To A Flower Shop In New York To Celebrate Jodie’s Birthday, But They Didn’t All Go At The Same Time:

Sources have said, however, that Turner-Smith has been thinking about it quietly for a while. A source said, “Jodie as well as Joshua have been fighting lately.”

“They went to The Flower Shop within New York City on September 9 to celebrate Jodie’s birthday, but they arrived and left at different times. It was an enormous gathering and they didn’t spend much time with each other the whole night. Most of Jodie’s evening was spent downstairs.”

The couple started dating within 2018 as well as got married less than a year later. It was a “whirlwind” relationship, but those who knew them best thought they were a great match.

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After The Initial Night They Met, They Couldn’t Stay Away From Each Other:

“After the initial night they spent together, they couldn’t stay away from each other, and soon after that, they had a baby.” “It was a big change in Jodie’s life, especially since she was a free spirit.

But they seemed to love each other so much that everyone just shook their heads. A different person told Entertainment Tonight that work was also a role.

A person said, “Jodie and Joshua’s busy work schedules started to affect their relationship more than a year ago, when they were both filming projects while not always in the same place.”

Turner-Smith Urged A Judge To Let Them Share Care Of Their 3-Year-Old Daughter:

“They tried to make matters happen and took steps to assist their relationship as well as deal with their busy lives. From the outside, things were going well for a while, yet they were gradually falling apart.

Turner-Smith asked a judge to let them share custody of their 3-year-old daughter, Janie, and the judge set Sept. 13, 2023, as the date of their divorce. But they were caught on camera looking very in love at a New York Fashion Week event just one day before they broke up for good.

Turner-Smith and Jackson wore black jackets that matched, and they all smiled as they walked hand in hand into the COS Autumn/Winter 2023 fashion show.

As They Press Forward With Their Split, They Attempt To Be Friendly And Avoid Getting Angry With Each Other:

“As they move ahead with their divorce, they are trying to get along with each other and avoid getting angry,” the person said. “They treat each other with respect and work together to raise their daughter. They desire to have a good bond with her and with each other. ” Joshua is very sad about his parents’ decision to split up.

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He always believed he would get married as well as grow old alongside his family, and that everything would be fine. “He had a dream scenario within his mind, and Jodie was the person he believed he would stay with forever.”

Turner-Smith Said That Their Split Was Due To “Irreconcilable Differences”:

Even though their friends want them to get back together, the person said that Turner-Smith “seems pretty sure of what she wants.” Joshua has the ball, but right now he’s probably trying to figure things out on his own.”

Turner-Smith said that “irreconcilable differences” were the reason for their divorce, and they split up on September 13, shortly following their fashion week shows. She, Jackson, and their lawyers have all said nothing about the story.