Judge Says Lady Gaga Does Not Have To Pay $500k Reward To Woman Linked To Dog Theft


Judge Says Lady Gaga Does Not Have To Pay $500k Reward To Woman Linked To Dog Theft:

Lady Gaga won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit filed through the woman who returned the pop star’s stolen French bulldogs within 2021 and subsequently sued for the $500,000 reward and an additional $1.5 million in damages, even though she was found guilty of knowing that the stolen pets were in her possession after dog thieves almost killed the singer’s dog walker.

Jennifer McBride, who is 53 years old, tried to fix her case by filing an updated complaint two weeks after the court had thrown out her original complaint within July on the grounds that McBride seemed to be trying to “benefit from her admitted wrongdoing.” A Los Angeles judge found that McBride did not do this.

A Los Angeles judge has ruled again that the 37-year-old singer and actress does not have to pay McBride, who helped steal Gaga’s two dogs, Koji as well as Gustavo, in February 2021, the $500,000 reward that was being offered at the time. This information comes from court documents obtained through a source.

The Judge Stated Mcbride Couldn’t Try Again Alongside A New Version Of His Complaint:

Unlike her ruling within July, the judge stated McBride won’t be able to try again with a new case because “there is no reasonable chance that the defect might be fixed by amendment.” McBride had sued Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, back in February for the reward and an extra $1.5 million in damages.

In July, McBride’s lawyer said that Gaga broke the contract, made a fake promise, and lied about something by saying “no queries asked” with the prize offer and then not paying.

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After Admitting “No Contest” To Getting The Stolen Dogs, Mcbride Is On Criminal Probation For Two Years:

McBride is now on criminal probation for two years after admitting “no contest” to getting the stolen dogs. In her revised charge, she said that she was “in no way connected with the theft of Lady Gaga’s bulldogs as well as had no knowledge of stated theft or its preparation before it happened.”

She also said that she didn’t know the dogs had been stolen and that she only “took possession of Gaga’s bulldogs to make sure they were safe and returned them safely.” But the judge agreed with Gaga’s team when they said McBride’s case “makes no sense.”

Judge Fujie made his final decision on Monday. Before that, he gave McBride 20 days to change her filing. In the papers, she said she was “in no way involved in the theft” and that she only “took possession” of the dogs to return them, which the “Rain on Me” singer’s lawyers said “makes no sense.”

Mcbride Gave The Dogs Back To An Lapd Station Upon February 26, 2021:

On February 26, 2021, McBride took the dogs to an LAPD station and said she found them tied to a pole. According to court papers that Rolling Stone got, video tape from the area where McBride said she discovered the dogs showed her “walking upward and downward on both sides of the street, looking around in both directions,” while “holding a cell phone in each hand.”

The dogs were then dropped off by a person driving a hired Jeep Gladiator alongside a clearly visible license plate that led back to a woman who spoke alongside McBride’s co-defendant Harold White several times the day after the dognapping as well as attempted murder. White, 43, was the father of Jaylin White, 22, who was found guilty of stealing dogs.

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McBride’s $2 million case was mostly about claims that Gaga’s team offered the $500,000 prize and said “no questions asked.” The musician’s lawyers said that Gaga didn’t use that line in her personal tweets.

Gaga Wrote On Twitter That Her Two Favorite Dogs, Koji And Gustav, Had Been Taken To Hollywood Two Nights Ago:

“Two nights ago, my two favorite dogs, Koji as well as Gustav, were taken to Hollywood. My heart hurts, and I hope that a kind act will bring my family back together. I am going to spend $500,000 to make sure they are safe.

Send us an email at [email protected] to get in touch. “On February 26, 2021, Gaga sent a tweet. “The prize is the same whether you bought them or found them by accident. Ryan Fischer, I will always love you. You put your life on the line to protect our family. You’ll always be a hero.”

In a recent news statement, the Los Angeles Police Department stated that the couple was “found to be involved in the crime after it happened.” Then, they were held upon suspicion of being involved after the fact in an attempt to kill someone. McBride was not found guilty of this charge.

Jackson Shot Fischer, And He Admitted That He Was Trying To Kill Him:

Jackson shot Fischer. He pleaded guilty to attempting to kill with great bodily harm, and in December 2022, he was ordered to 21 years in jail.

Because he pleaded guilty, some of the lower charges against him were dropped. These included plot to commit robbery, second-degree robbery, attack with a loaded firearm, and being a felon with a gun in a car. Fischer, who had a collapsed lung because of the shooting as well as stayed with Gaga while he got better, spoke out during Jackson’s punishment.

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He told Jackson that since the shooting he had gotten into trouble and said, “I do forgive you. With the attack, you changed my life in every way. I know I won’t be able to get over the night you shot myself until I tell you these things.”