Just Die Already and Paradigm are now free on the Epic Games Store for download


Two crazy proposals are available at no cost from the PC video game store.

Two new free games are available for download starting today, and for seven days, through the Epic Games Store, the store of the parents of Fortnite. On this occasion we are invited to enjoy two proposals that are quite original in their approach, the surreal adventure of Paradigm and the chaotic cooperative Just Die Already.

The latter is presented commercially as a title of open world starring “oldies” created by the designers of Goat Simulator. “You’re old and you’re in a bad mood, and on top of that you just got kicked out of the residence. How will you survive a world that just wants you to die once and for all?” Just Die Already is also configured as an ideal video game to enjoy with friends thanks to its multiplayer.

Epic Games Store

Paradigm is a surreal adventure set in the strange, post-apocalyptic country of Eastern Europe where the player is a handsome mutant, whose past comes back to haunt him in the form of a genetically engineered sloth who throws up candy, who is described as the ugliest protagonist in the video game world.

Paradigm and Just Die Already take over the terror of Amnesia: Rebirth and the world of Voxels from Riverbond. At the moment it is unknown what the gifts will be next week. Don’t forget to follow 3DGames for more news about free games.

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