Just Now, These Are The 12 Finest Korean Dramas To Watch


Just Now, These Are The 12 Finest Korean Dramas To Watch:

25 years ago, not many people outside of Korea watched Korean plays. Now, thanks to streaming services, South Korean TV has become very popular around the world, and some of the most effective K-dramas of all time can be seen by people everywhere.

A show’s label as a K-drama doesn’t necessarily mean that it only has serious plots. However, these South Korean shows can be in a lot of different styles, like love comedies, thrillers, and fantasy, making the content very different.

Also, don’t even talk about plots. If you think Korean movies are enjoyable at that, you’ll love all the adventures that TV has to offer. One more thing that makes Korean shows stand out is that they don’t care about themes.

Horror and sci-fi are often paired together. Mythology is often paired with horror. People who watched the shows in 2019 kept the trend going where viewers had no idea what to expect.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung:

This historical story takes place during the Joseon Dynasty and has a strong female lead. Goo Hae-ryung was well aware of how men in her culture treat women badly. People expect her to get married young and serve her family and husband for the rest of her life. But he doesn’t care about what other people think.

She spends her time reading and learning, and even though she is 26 years old, she has no plans to get married any time soon. In the first, a job opens up at the court for a female royal historian, and she is chosen for it.

The Uncanny Counter:

People today may know K-dramas for their romantic comedies, but there are a lot of other types that should be watched as well. That list has science fiction in it. Some parts of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as well as Warehouse 13 can be found in The Uncanny Counter.

The show’s main characters are “counters,” and they all have unique skills they use to hunt demons. They live normal lives during the day and work at a noodle shop to hide their identities.

When The Camellia Blooms:

This is the first show on our list of the best Korean series of 2019. Gong Hyo-jin plays Oh Dong-baek, a single mother who goes to the small town of Ongsan in this Korean drama.

She starts a bar called Camellia there and has to deal with rude customers, rumors in the area, and even a serial killer. At the same time, a police officer named Hwang Yong-sik falls in love with Oh.

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The end of The Camellia Blooms got 23.8% of the Korean audience share, which means it did very well with viewers. The drama was very interesting because it had great casting and a well-written plot.

It’s also different from most K-dramas because it takes place in a small town and the main character is a single mother. Most K-dramas take place within Seoul and have younger female leads.

Women’s social position was a big issue in Korea in 2019, so the strong female-led story in Camellia Blooms was also very important to the times.


‘Vagabond’ is a great movie that you should watch. The idea of this Korean show sounds very interesting. Lee Seung-gi is in the lead cast as Cha Dal Gun, the guy who is in the plane crash and is the male protagonist.

Bae Suzy plays the part of Go Hae-ri, a spy for the National Intelligence Service. Shin Sung-rok is the head of the National Intelligence Service’s information team in the show.

Dal Gun, a stunt double who wants to make it big within the movie business, is at the center of the story. He wants to be one of the most famous action stars. That is, until he is in a plane crash one day.

He gets caught up in a corruption case there, which could be one of the biggest within the country. That’s why Go Hae-ri gets a job with the National Intelligence Service: she wants to feed her family. She wanted to work in an office, but instead she became a secret agent.

Reply 1988:

In South Korea, there are actually several Reply shows, and each one is about a different character in a different year. This plays on people’s desire to remember the good old days. About one-fifth of the people in South Korea watched the season end of Reply 1988 live, making it the most beloved of the bunch.

The story is a slice-of-life tale about five friends as well as their families in 1988. People who like shows like “The Wonder Years,” which combine family drama alongside a coming-of-age story, are going to enjoy this.

Love Alarm:

Love Alarm might look like any other teen romance story at first glance. If you like these kinds of stories, the show does a good job of following that pattern. If you’re looking for a Korean soap with more depth, though, Love Alarm can also meet your needs.

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In the play, which takes place in a high school, people utilize an app called “Love Alarm” to find lovers. People in this world expect a famous kid named Hwang Sun-oh to like a homeless girl named Kim Jo-jo, but using love alarms causes a lot of stress and pressure.

Love Alarm isn’t sad, but it does remind me of the famous future show Black Mirror. A lot of the scenes in the play are about how social media can hurt your mental health and self-esteem. As arguments about the bad affects of social media heat up, Love Alarm seems especially apt.

Designated Survivor: 60 Days:

This Korean soap is based on the American TV show “Designated Survivor,” and the Minister of Environment is the main character. Park Mu-jin is in charge, but he’s not really interested in it.

Even though he works in politics, he doesn’t have any plans for the future. Then his life changes one day. A bomb goes off at the National Assembly building, where the most important people in government are meeting.

Nobody is left alive, not even the president. Mu-jin is now the next most important person in the government, and he has to be president for sixty days.

There are things that he has to do as president every day while he tries to figure out what occurred that day as well as who set off the bomb. But he has to step up to the challenge, even though he isn’t ready.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo:

If you liked The Good Doctor, you’ll like Extraordinary Attorney Woo. In addition to being a court procedure, the show is also about a character upon the autism spectrum who has problems with other characters as well as the way they do their job.

It became the eighth-highest-rated soap in the history of Korean TV because so many people watched it live, and now you can stream it all over the world.

Arthdal Chronicles:

People who liked Song Joong-ki in Descendants of the Sun will enjoy Arthdal Chronicles, in which Song is the main character in another Korean drama.

Song, Jang Dong-gun, as well as Kim Ji-won play the main roles in this drama. In the city of Arthdal within the mythical land of Arth, the three main characters Song, Jang Dong gun, as well as Kim Ji-won—deal with tribe politics and love problems as they try to gain power and find forgiveness.

It sort of feels such as a Korean version of the American HBO show Game of Thrones, which is a good thing. People who like complicated world-building, political maneuvering, as well as high-quality production will find that Arthdal Chronicles is just as good as Game of Thrones.

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Arthdal Chronicles was a Korean drama that is a bit less violent and sexual than Game of Thrones. This may be good news for people who are turned off from Game of Thrones’ image for being very violent and sexual.

We think Arthdal Chronicles should be on this list of the best K-dramas of 2019, especially because it’s so entertaining. It’s one of the biggest and most grandiose Korean dramas of 2019.

The Light In Your Eyes:

Kim Hye-Ja has long wanted to be a newscaster. She wakes up one day and discovers that she is now 70 years old. She also finds out that she can change the passage of time. Lee Joon-Ha really wants to be a writer and is working very hard to make that happen, but something is stopping him. There is a meeting with Kim Hye-Ja. It’s as they deal with their own problems that they learn about each other’s problems and secrets.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo:

This drama is both a coming-of-age story and a sports story with rom-com parts. It was based on the life of Jang Mi-ran, an Olympic gold winner. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo didn’t have a huge number of live watchers like many of the best K-dramas.

Interest instead grew through word of mouth, especially among younger people, and it became a popular hit. The show’s cult following and several MBC Drama Awards made it become popular around the world.

Romance Is A Bonus Book:

Romance Is a Bonus Book is Lee Jong-suk’s last Korean soap role before he goes into the military, so fans of him are sure to enjoy it. Lee plays Cha Eun-ho, the beautiful head editor of a publishing company in this Korean drama.

He is paired with Lee Na-young, who plays Kang Dan-yi, a single mother who used to be an excellent copywriter yet has lost her shine. Kang lies to get a job at Cha’s company because he needs one badly, and the two of them start to like each other.

You should watch Romance Is a Bonus Book if you like Korean shows where the female lead was older than the male lead. Romance Is a Bonus Book has a good plot, and it also makes some interesting points about marriage, getting older, being a parent, and other things that affect people’s lives and relationships.