Justice League: Zack Snyder Explains Why Steppenwolf Has So Many Spikes


We have seen many differences even visual between the version that reached theaters of the Justice League and Zack Snyder’s which has made its appearance on HBO several years later. Among them, the proportion of the screen, the suit of Superman and the duration … but there is more.

The design of some enemies changes, in addition to their role, and this is the case of Steppenwolf, who now seems to be taken from a late-night reverie of Ronnie James Dio in the 70s: if you notice, now he has many more spikes on his body. It is something that has caught the attention of several viewers and especially fans of what they no longer cut into calling the “SnyderVerse”, so the good old Snyder has had to tackle the issue, Comicbook tells us. This is what he has expressed about it in the Yahoo Sports medium in which he was accompanied by the special effects manager Anders Langlands:

“He’s a legitimate space knight,” Snyder said, to which Langlands added: “We basically went back to the original design that was seen at the end of Batman v Superman and worked on that artistic concept. Zack had the idea that his armor could react to how he feels and it would also be part of the performance, since it comes from extraterrestrial technology that makes it symbiotic with him. We have created the armor as a handful of interconnected pieces, with metal spikes on the surface. Our animators have been able to develop a system that allows it to go from a more relaxed look to a more pointed one, and therefore, angry. “

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