Justin Roiland Refutes A New Report Containing Allegations Of Sexual Assault And Inappropriate Communication With Juvenile Fans


Justin Roiland Refutes A New Report Containing Allegations Of Sexual Assault And Inappropriate Communication With Juvenile Fans:

After being acquitted of domestic violence charges within March, Justin Roiland was the subject of a new NBC News expose based on interviews alongside 11 women and nonbinary persons who communicated with the “Rick as well as Morty” co-creator between 2013 and 2022 via text, email, and social media.

Nine of the respondents allege that Roiland altered their conversations to a sexual nature, with three of them stating that they were 16 years old when the correspondence began.

In addition to providing interviews, the eleven sources within the report provided NBC News alongside photographs, videos, social media posts, emails, as well as receipts that demonstrate their association with Roiland.

These new allegations are distinct from the charges in opposition to Roiland that were dropped a few months ago, which involved allegations of assault as well as false imprisonment made by an unidentified Jane Doe who dated Roiland within January 2020 at the time of the alleged incident.

Roiland Has, Through His Attorney, Denied The Charges:

Roiland’s attorney has denied the allegations, stating that they are “false and defamatory.” After the accusations were dropped, he declared online that he was “determined to move ahead and focus on both my creative projects as well as restoring my good name.”

Between the premiere of Rick and Morty and Roiland’s dismissal from the show, the once-revered animator utilized his fame, influence, and financial position to fly young women and adolescent girls to his Los Angeles residence.

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Three of the eleven participants in NBC’s report say Roiland sent them their first message when they were 16 years old. Upon discovering the girls’ ages, Roiland reportedly severed communications with them, only to reappear months or years later.

Roiland’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, referred Variety to a statement Roiland made on X, formerly known as Twitter, in March, shortly after the domestic violence charges were dismissed.

When Roiland First Messaged Them, They Were 16-Year-Old High School Students, According To Janna Waters:

NBC News reported that Brettler sent a letter to the outlet labeling the allegations “false as well as defamatory.” However, Brettler declined to comment further on the new allegations.

One person, Janna Waters, who describes herself as nonbinary, claims they were 16-year-old high school pupils when Roiland first messaged them. Roiland’s age at the time was 35. According to Waters, Roiland was “grooming” her.

They claim that Roiland offered to fly them to Los Angeles when Waters was 17 years old. When Waters reminded him again that they were not 18 years old, Roiland responded, “Haha! I believed you to be.”

He postponed the voyage till 2019, when he flew Waters, then 20 years old, to Los Angeles. Roiland encouraged Waters and his friends to consume as well as kiss a woman at the party, despite their initial reluctance to do so. Among the allegations was one of oral intercourse with a 20-year-old woman under duress.

After Roiland’s Phone Call With His Accuser’s Father, The Following Text Exchange Occurred Between Roiland And His Accuser:

Within another instance, Roiland contacted a Pennsylvania-based 19-year-old artist after she tweeted about Morty and Rick. He contacted her regarding her artwork, stating that she was “better than” he was at her age.

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As before, Roiland offered the young woman a journey to Los Angeles and agreed to contact the young woman’s father to reassure him of her safety upon the trip. After Roiland’s phone call with his accuser’s father, the following text exchange occurred between Roiland and his accuser:

The woman claimed that after exchanging messages upon Tinder during March 2019, Roiland bought her two intoxicating beverages regardless the fact that she had previously informed him she was underage before he requested oral sex.

The woman claims that when she said no, Roiland forced her head towards his groin, at which point she ceased resisting. NBC News confirmed with her acquaintance that she described the incidents to a friend over the phone right after they occurred.

Roiland Offered To Cover Her Airfare To Los Angeles So She Could Visit Him:

Another woman described her correspondence with Roiland, which began within May 2016, when she was 19 years old and Roiland was 36. Roiland began communicating with her about her artwork after he began following her on X, then known to be Twitter.

Eventually, they exchanged phone numbers, and during March of 2017, Roiland offered the money for her flight to Los Angeles to visit him.

Her dad required that Roiland communicate with him via FaceTime before she agreed. After the phone conversation, Roiland texted the woman to let her know he understood her parents’ concern and that he would ensure nothing terrible happened to her.

Brettler stated that the woman had consexual intercourse with Roiland in the hours preceding the hot tub incident, which the woman said she did not recall. Bretton additionally stated that Roiland was responsible for her intimate encounter alongside the other hot tub woman.

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Roiland Told Her That Once A Person Reaches The Age Of 18, They Must Begin Cam Whoring:

The report also includes messages in which Roiland referred to two 16-year-olds as “jailbait” and a 16-year-old girl who expressed enthusiasm for livestreaming as a video gamer, to which Roiland replied, “Then once you turn 18, you just start cam whoring.”

Roiland reportedly told a second woman that she wanted to be his companion if she were “into girls.” One individual stated that she attended a party with Roiland, where he provided them alcohol despite the fact that they were underage as well as unwilling to consume, and that they departed after he asked them to kiss a woman he had invited.