Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know


Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need To Know:

People love the comic series Juujika No Rokunin because it has a lot of action and drama, as well as interesting characters. Nakatake Shiryū wrote the story about the fight between the Revolution Club, a radical group led by Kyou and Andou, and the main characters, Uruma and Kitami, whose ideas differ from theirs.

You could first read the manga in Kodansha’s magazine for young adults, Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, from March to October. Each part of the story makes things more difficult, and people can’t wait for the next one.

Juujika No Rokunin is a famous manga series written and drawn by Nakatake Shiryu. If you like dark and twisty revenge stories, you may have heard of them.

Five of Shun Uruma’s peers tortured him in sixth grade, and he swore to strike back at them with the assistance of his grandfather, a WWII warrior. The comic follows his dangerous trip.

There is a lot of gore, psychological horror, as well as shocking turns in this comic, as Shun goes after his old bullies one by one. Justice, payback, and the effects of extremism are some of the things that the comic is about.

Below, you will find everything you need to know regarding Chapter 157 of Juujika No Rokunin. Learn about the story, when the raw scans will be available, a summary of the previous chapter, reviews, and where you can read Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 below.

Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 Release Date:

Chapter 157 of Juujika No Rokunin will come out on February 1, 2024. A lot of people love Nakatake Shiryū’s Juujika No Rokunin because it has a unique mix of action and drama.

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Good morning, comic fans! The next chapter of Juujika No Rokunin is eagerly anticipated. We’re really excited about Chapter 157 and want to know when it is going to come out.

Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 Storyline:

There is something called a surprise that tells you about parts of the story or events that haven’t been shown in the official manga release yet. There are fans who like reading spoilers to see what is going to occur next, and there are fans who would rather not read them so they can enjoy the surprise and excitement of the book.

If you like to read leaks, you might be pleased to know that Chapter 157 of Juujika No Rokunin has already had some spoilers posted online. Usually, breaking the law is necessary to obtain the raw scans of the manga, which are the original, untranslated versions.

Spoilers say that in Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157, the fight between Shun as well as Kiyoharu, who both have cross-shaped weapons, will continue. Shun will use the cross-shaped gun given to him by his grandpa, while Kiyoharu will wield his own cross-shaped knife.

They will hit each other and make fun of each other as they attempt to harm and hurt each other as much as possible. Shun will explain why he wants to get back to Kiyoharu and how killing his parents as well as his dog ruined his life.

Kiyoharu will make fun of Shun for being weak and not being able to protect his family. He will also talk about his own dark past and how being abused by his father and wife turned him into a serial killer.

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And he will say that he wants to kill Shun because he likes killing people. There will be a cliffhanger at the end of the chapter because Shun and Kiyoharu are going to fight one last time, and their lives are at stake.

Where To Watch Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157:

People are really into Juujika No Rokunin because it has a unique plot and personalities that people really like. Pocket.shonenmagazine is the best place to read this interesting comic.

This website is great for manga fans because it has a lot of manga from different types of stories. This site makes it easy to find Juujika No Rokunin and lets you read a few pages for free.

Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 156 Recap:

The Revolution Club, run by Kyou and Andou, represents an extreme group in the story. Kyou and Andou run the Revolution Club. They believe in the cross and want to make the world a better place. It’s against them to have Uruma and Kitami.

Because of someone with ties to Kyou, Uruma’s family died. This person also picked on and hurt Kyou. Lastly, this person will face punishment for their actions.

It could be worse if Uruma gets angry and tries to harm Kyou because Kyou wants to tarnish his reputation. As a way to join the Revolution Club, Andou turns against Kitami. Kitami has to deal with what this betrayal means for her.

In order to get Kitami to join the group, Andou, who is in charge, makes fun of him. She fights back, though, because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. They establish a group named Juujika to liberate individuals held by the Revolution Club and thwart their perilous schemes.

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The group members with guns are part of the plan. Then the cops and the media show up to calm things down and find out the truth regarding the Revolution Club. People will be very angry about this terrible truth, and they will want justice for the victims.

Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 Trailer:

Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 157 Raw Scan Release Date:

People who read Juujika No Rokunin can’t wait for Chapter 157 to come out. According to the most recent news, the next chapter’s Raw Scan release will happen three to four days before its original date. The Raw Scan of Chapter 157 will be made public on January 29, 2024.

What Are The Rating For Juujika No Rokunin Chapter 156:

With 24,413 user votes, Juujika No Rokunin has a high grade of 7.04 on a scale of 10 on MyAnimeList, showing how popular and well-liked it is.

The manga ranks #8046 on the list of the best manga and #239 on the list of the most famous manga on the same site. Both reviewers and fans of the book have said nice things about its art, narrative, characters, and ideas.