Kangana Ranaut’s target on Jaya Bachchan’s statement of ‘Thali’ in Parliament – ‘Which did you and your industry …’

Drugs In Bollywood: There is a fierce battle in Bollywood from Parliament to the street on the issue of drugs. Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ravi Kishan from Gorakhpur raised the issue of drugs in Bollywood in the Lok Sabha. After this, Samajwadi Party (SP) MP Jaya Bachchan attacked Ravi Kishan during his speech in Rajya Sabha and said that some people in the industry ‘make holes in the plate they eat.’ Bollywood is also divided into two camps. Actress Kangana Ranaut once again attacked Jaya Bachchan’s statement. Kangana took Jaya Bachchan and asked which plate was given by Jaya Bachchan and her industry. Also Read – Increased security outside Jaya Bachchan’s house in Mumbai after giving statement on drugs case in Parliament

Kangana Ranaut tweeted and wrote, ‘Which plate has Jaya ji and her industry? A plate was found, in which two-minute role item numbers and a romantic scene were found, after sleeping with the hero. I taught Feminism to this industry. The plate was decorated with patriotic films, it is my own plate, not yours!

Kangana Ranaut reacted to Jaya Bachchan’s statement a day earlier i.e. on Tuesday as well. Kangana Ranaut had tweeted, “Jaya ji, would you have said the same if my daughter Shweta would have been beaten in my teenage, given drugs and exploited in my place?” Would you have said the same thing if Abhishek was constantly talking about bullying and exploitation and found hanging from hanging one day? Show us some sympathy too.

What did Jaya say in Parliament?
Samajwadi Party MP Jaya Bachchan said in the Rajya Sabha that people of the entertainment world are being instigated through social media. People who have made a name in the industry have called it gutter. I completely disagree with this. I hope the government tells such people not to use such language. Apart from this, he also attacked Ravi Kishan and said that some people in the industry ‘make holes in the plate they eat’.

Ravi Kishan’s appeal
Please tell that Ravi Kishan had said, ‘The problem of drug trafficking and addiction is increasing. He said, ‘Drug addiction is also in the film industry. Many people have been caught. NCB is doing a great job. I urge the central government to take strict action to arrest the culprits soon, to punish them and to end the conspiracy of the neighboring countries. ‘

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