Kangna reached Chandigarh and said – ‘Terrorist administration spoke in Mumbai, today is the day when life is saved …’

Kangana Ranaut News: Actress Kangana Ranaut left for her home in Manali from Mumbai, amid the ongoing verbal war with the Maharashtra government and Shiv Sena. After reaching Chandigarh, Kangana Ranaut once again attacked the Uddhav Thackeray government of Maharashtra (Uddhav Thackeray) and described Shiv Sena as ‘Sonia’s army’. Kangana tweeted and wrote, ‘As soon as I get into Chandigarh, my security has become a mere name, people are cheering happily. It seems I have survived this time, there was a day when I felt the coolness of my mother’s life in Mumbai, today is the day when millions of lives are saved, the Shiv Sena spoke to the terrorist administration in Mumbai as soon as Sonia Sena. Also Read – Champat Rai supported Uddhav Thackeray – ‘Whose son has enough power to stop him from entering Ayodhya’

Apart from this, Kangana wrote in another tweet, ‘Delhi’s heart is bleeding this year, Sonia Army has raised slogans of Azad Kashmir in Mumbai, today the price of freedom is only voice, give me your voice, otherwise The day is not far when the price of freedom will be only and only blood.

The actress said she was’ intimidated by the constant attacks and abuses and comparing the city with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir was’ absolutely right ‘. Ranaut compared Mumbai to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). After this he had a dispute with the ruling Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

She returned to Mumbai for a few days from her Manali in Himachal Pradesh last week and the same day the Shiv Sena-ruled BMC dropped ‘illegal’ construction in her office. He then moved the Bombay High Court, which stayed the demolition proceedings.

Ranaut tweeted, ‘I am leaving Mumbai with a heavy heart. These days, the way I was intimidated, I was constantly attacked and abused, there were attempts to break my house after my office and there were armed security personnel around me, seeing that I would say that from PoK (of the city) It was perfect to compare.