Kanpur Love Jihad: 11 cases of love jihad in Kanpur; Aryan Malhotra made someone a Rahul; Victims heard tragedy

Kanpur Love Jihad Latest news: Everyone is shocked by the reported 11 cases of ‘Love Jihad’ in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. In fact, BJP-ruled states like Uttar Pradesh and Haryana have made clear their intention to enact a law against “love jihad”. It is known that “love jihad” is a term coined by pro-Hindutva groups, which is intended to force Hindu girls to convert to religion by allegedly pretending to marry. Also Read – Debate on Love Jihad: Allahabad High Court said- no one can stop two adults from living together, these constitutional rights

The Special Research Team (SIT) constituted to investigate the cases of alleged ‘Love Jihad’ (Kanpur Love Jihad case) in Kanpur district on Monday, submitted its report to the Inspector General of Police (IG) of Kanpur. The investigation has not revealed any kind of conspiracy. Also Read – Debate on Love Jihad, Allahabad HC said “We do not see Priyanka, Salamat like Hindu-Muslim”

IG Mohit Aggarwal said that the SIT has submitted the report to him. The SIT investigated a total of 14 cases, out of which 11 were found to be crimes. In these cases, the SIT found that the accused had fraudulently made ‘love relations’ with Hindu girls. In the remaining three, girls have said to marry on their own free will. Also Read – TMC MP Nusrat Jahan on Love Jihad – Love is a personal matter of people, it cannot be dictated

He told that initially there were only six cases under the scrutiny, but after the media came to light, a few more cases came and a total of 14 cases were done. The investigation of the call details of the accused in the four cases revealed that they used to have long conversations among themselves. All four had implicated girls of other religions in their courts, but that work was done differently. No conspiracy or funding evidence has been found in the SIT investigation.

The Inspector General of Police said that a charge sheet has been filed in 11 cases and the accused have been arrested. Accusations of rape, kidnapping and coercion have also been leveled against the accused, who implicate the minor girls in the courts of misnomer.

On the question whether there will be any action against the maulvis who performed the marriages, Aggarwal said, “Of all the statements recorded so far, maulvis are different in every case. According to the name the girl told them, they got her married. That is why only the boys are accused.

Significantly, some Hinduist organizations had complained to Inspector General of Police Mohit Aggarwal about the alleged Love Jihad incidents in Kanpur. To investigate these, an eight-member SIT was formed under the leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police – Dakshin Deepak Bhukar.

The Inspector General of Police said that the main objective of the police is not to implicate any girl under the conspiracy. If it is real love then there is no problem of police and law in it. If the boy is caught in the love trap by mispronouncing the name or the girl is a minor, then the law will do its job. If the girl is an adult and wants to get married in other religion, then the police support her in the realm of law despite the objections of the parents.

According to reports, in a case of Naubasta area of ​​Kanpur, a boy named Mukhtar Ahmed had already married a Hindu girl and he implicated another girl of the same community as Rahul Singh in his trap. The truth of the matter came to light when, during the court marriage in the court, his real name was found written as Mukhtar Ahmed.

According to the report of Aaj Tak, the victim told that when Mukhtar first met him, he had told his name Rahul Singh. In another case in the same area, a boy named Fateh Khan befriended a Hindu girl by becoming Aryan Malhotra. Fateh Khan, a resident of Bijnor, had also made a fake Aadhaar card in the name of Aryan Malhotra.

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