Kanye West Can Never Go On A Boat Again In Venice Because He Exposed Himself In A Rude Way


Kanye West Can Never Go On A Boat Again In Venice Because He Exposed Himself In A Rude Way:

The father of four was caught with his pants down on a boat ride in Italy alongside his 28-year-old architect wife, whom he married through a non-legally binding ceremony within January. 

The boating company called out the couple for their bad behavior as well as banned them from ever getting on one of its boats again. A boat business in Venice has banned Kanye West as well as his girlfriend, Bianca Censori, after photos of them in an uncomfortable position within the back of a water taxi emerged last week.

Within a statement to the Independent, a representative of the Italian city’s water cab company, Venezia Turismo Motascafi, said that West and Censori “will definitely no longer be welcome on our boats.” “We have nothing to do with these actions and words,” the statement said.

What Exactly Happened?

West officially changed his name to Ye in 2021. Last week, he and Censori were captured doing what looked like a sex act upon the back of the boat, alongside Censori kneeling in front of West and West’s naked backside visible in some of the photos.

Venezia Turismo Motoscafi said, “The driver had to watch out for traffic and didn’t see these insults. If this occurred, he ought to have gotten off the boat right away and told the authorities about the wrongdoers.”

A third person alongside the couple “obstructed the captain’s view” of the back of the boat. “Mr. West as well as his wife will not be allowed on our company’s boats anymore.”

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Not agreeable Kanye was taking a water taxi through Venice’s famous canals when he bared his behind to tourists on other boats. Bianca, on the other hand, is often seen wearing revealing clothes.

West Was First Seen Out And About Alongside Censori, Who Works For His Company, Yeezy, As An Architect Designer:

West, who is 46, and Censori, who is 28, are seen together in public for the first time this year. They were seen eating at the Waldorf Astoria within January. Censori is an engineer who works for West’s company, Yeezy.

Later that month, sources said that Censori as well as West had gotten married in a service that wasn’t legally binding. This was only a few months after his split from ex-Kim Kardashian had been finalized.

West’s relationship with Censori comes after he got a lot of backlash for making violently anti-Semitic comments in public last year, like tweeting that he planned to go “defcon 3 upon Jewish people” in October 2022 and saying on Chris Cuomo’s show in October 2022 that the “Jewish underground media mafia” controls Hollywood.

In December 2022, he went on the TV show of far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and said that he saw “good things” in Hitler, which was the same thing he had said before.

Because Of How They Dress, Their Relationship Has Been Getting A Lot Of Attention:

Because of these views, he was banned from several social media sites and brands like Gap, Balenciaga, as well as Adidas cut ties with him. During the summer, their relationship has been getting a lot of attention because of the way they dress.

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Not even two weeks after Ye as well as Bianca caused a stir in Italy by wearing very revealing outfits, with West going barefoot, the Kardashian lookalike caused a stir by wearing a two-piece outfit that was completely see-through and didn’t leave much to the imagination.

The Italian Constitutional Court Says That Kanye West Has To Pay A Fine Of €309:

This comes after people said that the couple’s showing clothes amounted to “public indecency,” a crime for which the Italian Constitutional Court said they could be fined up to €309.

At the moment, it’s not clear if West or Censori are going to react to the boat company’s ban or not. Rolling Stone has asked both sides for their thoughts. As the debate goes on, it’s a good warning that mistakes within the public eye can have big effects.