Karol G Surprises Everyone By Announcing A New Album During The Bichota Season


Karol G Surprises Everyone By Announcing A New Album During The Bichota Season:

Karol G is releasing an unexpected album called Maana Será Bonito to coincide with the start of her upcoming stadium tour throughout the United States on August 11. The album will be available to watch on the same day as her tour, which is August 11.

“Bichota Season” was announced in a 30-second video clip in which a Colombian singer with pink hair draws her new album’s cover with pink and black salt grains while a hard-hitting beat plays in the background.

At the conclusion of the clip, a person says in a happy tone that “Bichota Season” has begun.

Karol wrote in the caption of the peek on Instagram, “This tour wouldn’t have been exactly the same with out the conclusion of this story,” along with a note to pre-save the record using the link in her name.

This Album Is Going To Be Her Second Record Of The Year:

This is going to be her second record of the year. Her first one, “Maana Será Bonito,” came out in February. The next part of Karol G’s story is coming up. Maana Será Bonita, the singer’s next record, will be out soon, she said.

It will come out after Maana Será Bonita, which came out in February and made progress as the first single Spanish-language album by a woman to hit number one upon the Billboard 200.

Karol made the news by posting a sexy video to her social media pages. It shows her lying upon the floor and drawing something with black and pink sparkles.

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At the end of the video, the big surprise shows that she has remade some of the cutesy characters from Maana Será Bonita alongside wicked features, perhaps to match the mood of the new record. At the end, there is text that says Maana Será Bonita will come out on August 11.

Karol had already put out the single “S91,” which was an EDM song made by Ovy on the Drums and had a music video made by Pedro Artola.

At The Time Of Writing The Video Has Been Watched More Than 30 Million Times On YouTube:

The video, which has since been watched more than 30 million times upon YouTube, teased “Bichota Season” by saying it would be out soon. However, the news about the upcoming record was still unclear, since Karol has been using “Bichota” as a trademark for several years.

The song came out on Karol’s new label, Bichota Records LLC, which has an exclusive contract with Interscope Records. She signed with Interscope Records shortly after “Maana Será Bonito” topped the charts earlier this year.

Karol Stated That Maana Será Bonito Was The Beginning Of New Era For Me:

When her signing was revealed, Karol said, “Maana Será Bonito was the start of a new era for myself that was filled with many memorable moments.”

“I’m always surprised by how much support I get from my people, which pushes me to do my best. I’m sure this relationship alongside Interscope and their amazing team will help us keep developing and creating history. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

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Maana Será Bonito Was The First All-Spanish Song By A Woman To Top The Billboard 200 Chart This Year:

This year, “Maana Será Bonito” was the first all-Spanish-language song by a woman to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. The 17-song album has a lot of pop, rock, reggaeton, traditional Mexican music, and techno. It is also the first album by the artist to be number one on the Billboard 200.

The same day “Bichota Season” comes out, Karol will start her first-ever stadium tour across the U.S. The six-city tour will start on August 11 at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and end on September 7 at the Metlife Stadium within East Rutherford, New Jersey. It will be put on by Live Nation.