Kashmir: Bunkers constructed in terrorist rivers, such methods are being adopted to avoid army

Shopian (Kashmir): In Kashmir Valley, terrorists hiding in high altitude areas or taking shelter in local homes have become a thing of the past. To avoid army and security forces, they now build underground bunkers in dense gardens and even live by digging bunkers in seasonal rivers. Colonel AK Singh, who is commanding the 44 Rashtriya Rifles, the army’s anti-terrorism unit, says, “This trend has been seen recently in Pulwama and Shopian districts and they are more in Shopian because there are dense apple orchards and forests.” ” Also Read – This was the plan of arrested al-Qaeda terrorists from Kerala, West Bengal, orders were being received from Pak handlers

This army unit has killed, captured or surrendered maximum terrorists. 44-Speaking to the highly-guarded headquarters of the Rashtriya Rifles, Colonel Singh and his team can often be seen mingling with the local people to solve their problems. During this conversation, ranging from giving career suggestions to listening to their education related matters. They are also far ahead in curbing terrorists. So far, they have killed 47 terrorists and detained or surrendered seven. Also Read – Are the soldiers posted in Sichchin not getting enough calories? Government gave this answer

The situation was not easy for Colonel Singh and his team, who supervised two areas of Shopian and three areas of Pulwama district, after finding underground bunkers as the terrorists could remain hidden for several days without the security forces in sight. Both these areas are seen as strongholds of terrorists. Having no bunker in the middle of Rambi Ara, an area known to be affected by water level fluctuations and sudden floods, was no surprise to the security forces and it gave Colonel Singh and his team a renewed plan. Forced to think. He said, “The terrorists were hiding inside an iron bunker in the middle of Rambi Ara. The vigilant soldiers saw the lid of an oil drum open which the terrorists used as a way to get into and out of the bunker. ” Also Read – Economic Package for Jammu Kashmir: LG announced an economic package of Rs 1350 crore, 50 percent discount on electricity-water bill

The officer said, “It was suspicious and after that there was a secret surveillance. We were very surprised to see that terrorists are coming out from the middle of the river, which is usually filled with water only during the rainy season. ” Five militants of banned terrorist organizations Lashkar-e-Taiba and Hizbul Mujahideen were attacked and killed earlier this year. However, what was more worrying for the army than killing these terrorists was that the terrorists are able to build and live in underground bunkers.

Surveys were ordered through technical intelligence monitoring and human resources in the surrounding areas, especially Shopian, with encouraging results. Information about cellars and underground bunkers began to be found inside traditional Kashmiri homes. In June this year, security forces detected another underground bunker located in high altitude area covered with thick apple trees in Bandoh. The terrorists were living here by making 12 feet long and 10 feet wide underground bunkers.

This bunker was revealed when the security forces visited the ground covered with a plastic and the soil there was freshly carved. Colonel Singh said that five terrorists were killed in the vicinity of the underground bunker. After taking command of 44 Rashtriya Rifles, Colonel Singh went to the homes of many citizens whose relatives had gone on the path of terrorism. The officer advised them to ensure that these youths return and also assured them of all possible help.

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