Kate Middleton Invited Dolly Parton To Tea, But She Turned It Down For A Surprising Reason


Kate Middleton Invited Dolly Parton To Tea, But She Turned It Down For A Surprising Reason:

Dolly Parton possesses a very tight work plan. We’ve all known this since November 1980. As she said in her catchy song, “9 to 5,” business will be done between those hours. And those hours aren’t changeable, not even for Princess Kate.

Parton told BBC Radio 2 while she was working within London, “This time, Lordy, I even got asked to have tea alongside Kate, but I couldn’t even go.

She also said, “I thought it was incredibly nice and sweet of her to invite me, as well as one of these days I am going to have the opportunity to do that, which would be great.”

Parton jokes about why she couldn’t meet with Middleton: “She was not going to advertise my rock album, therefore I had to tell her no.”

During Her Visit To The UK, Parton Missed The Opportunity To Meet A Member Of The Royal Family:

Seriously, she said, “I love the people as well as the feel of London,” yet “unfortunately” she doesn’t have much time to see the sights while she’s there on work.

Parton didn’t get to meet royalty while she was in the U.K., but she has played for the royal family before. The singer from Tennessee sang at Queen Elizabeth’s Silver Jubilee in 1977. Parton remembered how scared she was of curtsying the right way after more than 45 years.

Parton will put out a new record in November. It will be her first rock album. This month, she made a big splash when she launched “Let It Be,” a version she did for a record with Paul McCartney as well as Ringo Starr, the last two Beatles still alive.

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Children May Obtain Free Books From The Imagination Library From The Time They Are Born Till Their Fifth Birthday:

She has also been getting a lot of attention over the charity work she keeps doing, especially through her Imagination Library, which continues to expand to help even more kids.

Parton started this group so that kids receive free books from when they are born until they turn five. Middleton is also very busy this summer. She is at Balmoral alongside King Charles along with other top royals at the moment.

A recording of her wedding to Prince William in 2009 went viral last week. After they kissed for the first time in public, both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge smiled and waved to the cheering crowd below the balcony.

She Was Also Within A Music Video Just Last Week:

William then asked his bride, “Shall we give each other one more kiss? Middleton agreed alongside a smile and a small nod, and as they kissed again, a huge crowd of people cheered.

She went to a music event a few weeks ago and then went to a fancy restaurant with some friends. A person who spoke to the Evening Standard said that Middleton left a nearly $900 tip when they were done eating.

When Dolly Parton Heard On The Plane That I Would Be Meeting The Queen She Jumped Down And Up:

“They kept it a secret from me till I was on the plane over,” Dolly said in an interview after the Queen died. “When I heard on the plane that I would be meeting the queen, I jumped down and up and told everyone.

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It’s one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. When I was a little girl, fairy tales were my world. They were full of kings, queens, princes, and princesses. I’m going to see that one now.”