Kathy Griffin’s Lips Are Done Fans Who Have Tattoos Are Shocked By Her Swollen Look


Kathy Griffin’s Lips Are Done Fans Who Have Tattoos Are Shocked By Her Swollen Look:

Last Friday, the comic talked about her experience alongside lip tattooing within a short YouTube video. She showed how she went from being skeptical about the process to a full fan of it after she healed.

In the video, Griffin showed fans the full “lip blushing” treatment at her studio. This is a semi-permanent tattoo that is intended to make your lips look fuller and more colorful. It looks like she had the surgery at the beginning of July.

The stand-up comic was excited to show her husband, Randy Bick, her new pout, but he was completely shocked by her swollen lips. The music producer almost jumped off his desk before he let out a big belly laugh.

Griffin Is Done Blushing, Which Gives His Lips A Semi Tint Of Color:

Early in July, the 62-year-old had a treatment called “blushing,” which gives the lips a tint of color that lasts for about six months.

But when she showed fans and friends how swollen they were afterward, they were shocked. “Well, Kristen thinks it’s noticeable,” the former “Fashion Police” figure told the camera.

Griffin got the same response when she asked her actor friend Kristen Johnston for an additional view. “I’m screwed; look at me,” she informed Johnston, who was almost silent.

Johnston tried to stay calm and requested, “What did you do?” That isn’t true. Then, in a photo, the star showed off her bright red, very full lips.

“Well, Kristen says that it’s clear. We’re going to the 4th of July parade, though. Griffin laughed. “I don’t think anyone will be capable of tell.”

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The clown-like pout, however, didn’t last forever. Griffin demonstrated that her lips were no longer swollen as well as that the color had changed from red to a soft pink.

What Is The Process Of Microblading?

The Search Party star went to the aesthetician’s office and laid down onto a cushioned test table as she got ready for the microblading procedure.

Microblading involves permanently transferring pigment according to the skin to areas of the face like the lips and eyebrows to make them look better, like permanent makeup.

Next, Griffin is seen with a white material near the outside of her mouth. This is to keep the color from bleeding through the skin of her face since it’s connected to her lips.

Griffin flashed a thumbs-up to the camera, and the practitioner queried her, “Are you willing to not speak for three hours?” “Whaaaaat?” She answered with wide eyes and lifted her eyes off the table. Then, a thin piece of plastic was put over her mouth, which seemed to hold a solution to make the process painless.

Before The Lens Cuts To The Comic With A Bag Of Ice Hiding Her Newly Tattooed Lips:

Then, an aesthetician utilized the tattoo gun to put a bright red stain right on Griffin’s lips. The camera then cut to the comic with a bag of ice on her freshly tattooed lips and a piece of plastic over her brows, which were about to get their tattoos.

The clip then cuts to 62-year-old Griffin coming home to show her husband, marketing executive Randy Bick, her swollen mouth. She sings, “I’m back from getting my lips tattooed!” as she walks into the room.

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Bick, 45, was shocked by her swollen face and started laughing at how she looked while sorry for his response. “It looks a little puffy! Griffin said so.

After 4 To 6 Days, Griffin’s Face Was Completely Healed From The Microblading And Blushing:

Griffin told her friend, 3rd Rock from the Sun actor Kristen Johnston, the “big reveal”: “I got a tattoo on my lips last night. I’m f—–. Watch me.”

“Well, Kristen says that it’s clear. We’re going to the 4th of July parade, though. Griffin said to the camera, “I don’t think anyone will be capable of tell,” before showing the full results of the process.

Finally, “4 to 6 days afterwards,” Griffin’s face was fully healed from the microblading as well as blushing sessions. The lips of her are a soft pink color on their own.

Griffin’s health has been getting better since she found out she had stage 1 lung cancer within 2021, even though she had never smoked, and had operation to remove half of her lung to treat it.