Kendall Jenner’s First Campaign For Stella McCartney Is A Horse Themed One


Kendall Jenner’s First Campaign For Stella McCartney Is A Horse Themed One:

Stella McCartney’s fall 2023 ad campaign features Kendall Jenner. It was shot by Harley Weir within the Camargue, an area in southern France. It’s the first time that the model has worked alongside the British fashion designer.

Jenner lies naked upon a white horse at Camargue’s famous salt pans at night, wearing only thigh-high boots as well as a matching Falabella handbag.

In the ad for the brand’s “Horse Power: The Winter 2023 Campaign,” the brunette is shown doing two things she loves: modeling and riding horses.

Kendall Jenner Owns A Few Horses And Has Been Engaged In Horseback Riding:

The 27-year-old woman owns several horses and has been riding them since she was a young girl. In fact, when she first went out in public with her boyfriend Bad Bunny in April, they were seen going on a horse ride together.

Kendall Jenner will be the face of Stella McCartney’s Winter 2023 ad campaign, which will be shot by Harley Weir within France’s Camargue Salt Flats.

In the fashion photos, Jenner poses with the famous white ponies of the area, which were owned by horse whisperer as well as saver Jean-Francois Pignon. This is their first time working together.

“I knew this season’s Stella girl had to love horses as much as I do,” McCartney said in a statement. “Like me, Kendall has been riding horses since she was a child, and she has her own land.

The “Horse Power” Theme Of The Season Is All Over The Ready To Wear Line:

You observe how comfortable she is with these delicate animals, and they are also comfortable with her. Using fashion and vision to show this link brings horse power to life.”

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The “Horse Power” theme of the season runs through the ready-to-wear line, which was first shown to the public at the Manège de L’École Militaire during Paris Fashion Week.

The British fashion designer’s latest look is a tribute to her lifelong love of horses. It tells a tale of the “transformational bonds between people and horses.”

This Collection, Which Is Made Of 92% Sustainable Materials, Features The First Vegan Crocodile Look Bags Made From Apple Waste:

The Winter 2023 collection stays true to the brand’s long-standing commitment to responsible design by being made of 92% responsible materials and introducing vegan crocodile-look bags made from apple waste and riding boots made from grape waste.

Accessories made from fungus, mycelium, and MIRIUM are made from plants instead of plastic and are cruelty-free options to animal leather.

In another, she wore a red suit and is surrounded by horses that are moving. These horses were given by horse whisperer as well as savior Jean-Francois Pignon, who raises as well as teaches horses without touching them.

Kendall Jenner’s Mother Once Said, “If I Could Only Travel By Horse, I Would”:

“As a McCartney family, we’ve been riding for a long time. My mother, Linda, once stated, “If I had a choice, I would only travel by horse,” and I feel the same way. McCartney told WWD, “I’ve loved horses ever since I can remember.”

“To me, they reflect the deep, rare, respectful relationships that people can have with animals. They understand each other completely and love each other in a way that goes beyond words.

“I feel so much better when I’m on my horse, and it makes me want to keep fighting to safeguard our animal friends within everything I do,” she said.

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The artist said that she picked Jenner because she and Jenner both like horses. Since she was 10, the model has been riding, and she owns her own ranch.

Jenner Said That When She Was A Child, She Became Close To A Horse Named Ladybug:

McCartney said, “You can see how comfortable she is with these sensitive animals, and they are alongside her.” During Paris Fashion Week in March, McCartney held her fall 2023 show at Manège École Militaire, France’s oldest horse school. This was the first time she worked with Pignon.

McCartney said, “The idea behind the winter collection was genuinely equestrianism, horses, the trust between humans and animals, and how trusting horses are.”

Jenner said that when she was young, she became close with a horse named Ladybug, and she may “always have a special place in my heart for her.” At such a young age, she showed me so much.”

McCartney’s Brand Is Best Known For Using Products That Are Good For The Environment And For People:

McCartney’s brand is known for using sustainable and ethical materials, and the designer said that this ready-to-wear line was her “most responsible winter collection to date,” alongside 92 percent conscious materials.

“This ‘Horse Power’ theme runs through every element of our collection,” the brand says, “bringing to light the transformative connections between human beings and horses via the lenses of Stella’s own relationships as well as family, historical and artistic works, and into the present day.”