Kerala is suffering the brunt of negligence during Onam, there is no shortage of medical oxygen: Harshvardhan

New Delhi: In view of the increase in cases of Corona virus infection in Kerala in the past, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan on Sunday said that the state is paying the price of negligence during the Onam festival. Harsh Vardhan said that this should be a good lesson for all the state governments who are negligent about the planning of festivals. Also Read – Corona’s Peak Passed in India! Second wave cannot be ruled out in winter: official panel

In Kerala, the number of infection cases increased to 3.3 lakh on Saturday, while the death toll reached 1,139. Before Onam (22 August), there were about 54,000 cases of infection in the state, while around 200 people died due to Kovid-19. In the sixth episode of ‘Sunday Samvad’, Harsh Vardhan, in an interaction with his followers on social media, reiterated his request that Kovid-19 should traditionally celebrate with family at home to avoid the risk of infection. He assured that there is no shortage of medical oxygen in the country and the government is ready to increase the capacity of production to compensate for any increase in demand due to the epidemic. Also Read – Post-Wedding Hot Photoshoot: Couple Wraps ‘Wild’ Post-Wedding Photoshoot In Deep Jungle, Photo Viral

On the recent increase in the number of cases of Kovid-19 in Kerala, Harshvardhan said that between January 30 and May 3, there were only 499 cases of infection in the state and two people died due to the disease. He said with regret that Kerala is suffering the brunt of being negligent during the Onam festival. Also Read – How long can coronavirus stay on human skin? This was revealed in the study

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