Kevin Costner’s Bookkeeper Says Christine Baumgartner Spends An Incredible Amount Of Money Every Month On Designer Clothes


Kevin Costner’s Bookkeeper Says Christine Baumgartner Spends An Incredible Amount Of Money Every Month On Designer Clothes:

Remember how very early in Kevin Costner as well as Christine Baumgartner’s divorce, he said that the huge amount of child support she wanted was to help her enjoy the better things in life?

How did he say, specifically, that she would spend almost $200,000 a month upon procedures? Even though we now understand this isn’t true, it was said that she spent a lot of money every month on clothes and treatments.

Kevin Costner’s sudden departure from Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, which was the most popular show on linear TV, was a big part of his statement at a divorce hearing in Santa Barbara on Friday morning.

Costner Said In Public That He Would Probably Take His Yellowstone Escape To Court:

Today, on the stand, Costner made his first public comments about his sudden exit and the end of the series with Season 5. He said that he will probably sue over the way things played down.

Multiple sources say that during his statement today, Costner said out loud that he may “likely go to court” across his Yellowstone exit.

If Costner went to court over his decision to leave Yellowstone, the people he would probably sue would be producers 101 Studios as well as the parent company of Paramount Network, Paramount Global.

Costner Won In Court When His Child Support Payments Were Cut By A Lot:

John Rydell, the lawyer for Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, asked him again if he had been offered Season 6. Costner stated it was “complicated,” according to an insider who attended the hearing. Sources close to the case confirmed the actor’s comments to Deadline.

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Tracy Katz, Costner’s bookkeeper, talked about how much the family spends each month at a recent court meeting where the child support payments were heavily cut. This was a legal win for Costner, who got a lower amount to pay for child support.

Katz said that the family’s monthly costs were about $240,000, and that a big chunk of that was spent on Baumgartner’s personal hobbies.

Baumgartner Spent A Median Of $18,000 A Month On Designer Clothes Alone:

Katz says that Baumgartner spent about $18,000 a month on expensive clothes alone. She also spent about $3,000 a month on beauty services and goods.

As a whole, the family spent about $40,000 a month upon gifts and flowers and took out about $9,000 from ATMs. Baumgartner and the Yellowstone star were married for almost 20 years before Baumgartner filed for a divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences” according to the papers.

They have three kids together, as well as since she asked for a divorce, they have been trying to work out their differences in this very messy situation. Costner received compensation for the fifth installment of Yellowstone, even though only half of the scenes for that season have been shot so far.

There Were Problems Because The Producers As Well As Costner Had Different Ideas About When To Film:

Based on how much he was paid, it looks like the $24 million that the star talked about in court today was only for the sixth as well as seventh seasons.

As was revealed initially in February, the main problem was that the directors and Costner didn’t agree on when to shoot. At the time, sources said that the star, who had only planned to film in Yellowstone for 65 days, only wanted to film for 50 days for the initial part of The season 5.

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Costner only was interested in spending a week filming the second set of shows, Season 5B, which has yet to be shot but will be the last story of the mothership.

Baumgartner’s Attempt To Raise Support For Children To Around $161,500 Per Month:

The people who made Yellowstone had nothing to say about what Costner said in court. But sources said that the star basically deemed himself “unavailable” for the show, which would result in it harder for him to meet his legal duties under his contract.

At the end of the meeting on Friday, which was about Baumgartner’s request to raise child support to within $161,500 a month for the couple’s 3 kids, the judge decided that the payments would come to just over $63,000, which is the amount Costner had offered.

Baumgartner had originally asked for $248,000 a month, but a judge ruled in July that he would only get almost $130,000 a month.

The New Amount Is Still More Than The $60,000 Per Month That Costner Suggested:

When asked how his children, Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, and Grace, 13, usually use their Santa Barbara home, the Field of Dreams star said, “They mostly play in the beautiful driveway that Christine made for them.”

When asked if he would live in the house Christine is renting for $40,000 a month, the actor said, “No, I wouldn’t, but that’s not because it’s not comparable.”

He also said of his present home, “I raised three children within the house.” It’s a home at the beach. The blood is on their hands.” In an opening statement on Thursday, Rydell said that they were lowering the amount of child support they wanted to $161,592 per month.

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This was based on the current assessment of a forensic accountant. The new amount is still more than the $60,000 per month that Costner’s lawyers asked for during the meeting.