Kevin Costner’s Ex Wife Says That He Lies About How Much Money He Has


Kevin Costner’s Ex Wife Says That He Lies About How Much Money He Has:

Christine Baumgartner, who is no longer married to Kevin Costner, says that he has been “withholding” his financial records during their ongoing split.

Baumgartner, 49, filed for divorce from the Yellowstone star on May 1 after 18 years of marriage. In legal documents filed within California Superior Court on Monday, she said that the Academy Award-winning actor, 68, has kept documents in the case from her.

They were married for 18 years till May 1, when Christine asked for a divorce. On August 31 and September 1, there will be a meeting about child support.

Kevin Costner Is Fighting The Order That Says He Has To Pay Christine $129,755 A Month Within Temporary Child Support:

The actor from Yellowstone asked for the hearing because he disagrees with the judge’s order that he give Christine $129,755 a month within temporary child support. Meanwhile, the former bag designer says the actor’s financial records are “deficient.”

Baumgartner and Costner have had public fights about her living situation since they broke up. Since then, she has been asking for papers about “his future endeavors and expected income” in projects like his upcoming film series Horizon.

Baumgartner is a handbag designer who has three kids alongside Field of Dreams actor Kevin Costner. Cayden, Hayes, and Grace are 16 years old, and Grace is 13. Baumgartner asked the court to order Costner to give her the desired papers.

Christine’s Lawyers Say That Kevin Made $19 Million Just Last Year:

In court papers, Christine’s lawyers say that the actor as well as director, who is worth an estimated $400 million and made $19 million last year by itself, “has failed to produce an abundance of bank accounts and credit card statements which are clearly relevant” to the support problems.

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It is said that he gave “incomplete information” as well as is “withholding” cash papers. She calls his assertion that some of the papers are private and won’t be turned over because of that “a smokescreen.”

Baumgartner’s lawyers said that Costner has been ‘stonewalling’ them when it comes to giving them important information.  A child support meeting is set for next week, and another one will look at the wedding deal in the case in November.

Christine Wants To See Most Of Kevin’s Business Documents:

Christine, who agreed upon a prior to marriage agreement, wants access to almost all of Kevin’s financial records.

These include QuickBooks documents, banking statements, abandoned checks, bills for credit cards, stocks, deeds, loans, tax returns, as well as donations, to name a few of the things listed in the 112-page filing, both for his personal finances and for his 20+ companies.

Her lawyers say that he is not cooperating. Some of the papers they say are being kept from them are about the western movie Horizon An American Saga, which he co-wrote, directed, acted in, and is producing.

“Kevin has said that he expects his pay to go down now that he’s no longer working on the TV show Yellowstone.

Kevin’s Argument That These Documents Are Very Secret:

But he is hiding at least papers about his present Horizon initiative that Christine possesses a right to see because they show his future plans and how much money he expects to make,” her lawyer writes.

“Kevin’s claim that these documents are “highly confidential” is also a smokescreen, since there exists a confidentiality agreement established that would take care of such worries.”

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It goes upon to state that there’s “there is no tell what other docs” Kevin has chosen to hide because he keeps giving vague and incomplete answers about the documents that exist and why he won’t give them up. The lawyers for Christine want Kevin to pay a fine of $8,985.

Christine’s Requests Are “Burdensome, Oppressive, As Well As Harassing,” Kevin’s Lawyers Have Said:

As part of their request for an order, Christine’s lawyers sent Kevin’s June 30 answer to their Request to Order the Production of Documents, in which he said he didn’t want to give them the information.

“This request is for documents that don’t matter since the parties signed a premarital agreement that limits spousal support and says that every dollar earned during the marriage is the separate property belonging to the spouse who earned it and there is no community property,” Kevin’s lawyer wrote.

Kevin’s lawyers have said that Christine’s requests for the papers, such as records for art as well as jewelry purchases and memberships to a country club and a fitness club, are “burdensome, oppressive, as well as harassing.”

They Have Fought Over Whether Or Not She Should Leave The One Hundred Million Dollar Family Home:

They say that she “seeks documents that aren’t relevant” because they have a prenuptial agreement that limits spousal support and says that any income made during the marriage belongs to the person who got it.

This split has been a lot of trouble. Even which kitchenware she could take alongside her when she left the $100 million house that was hers was a point of contention.

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In the papers Kevin filed last week, he said Christine was acting “in poor faith” by “steadfastly refusing” to say whether she plans to question their prenup, which she inked within 2004 as well as says she will get $1.5 million if they get a divorce.

Kevin Is Also Required To Put Down $200,000 On Christine’s New Home:

Kevin also has to put down a $200,000 down payment on Christine’s new home and pay the mortgage, property tax, as well as insurance for one year.

On August 18, Costner’s lawyer informed the judge, “These documents have nothing to do with Christine’s desire for child support or her ability to figure out Kevin’s gross income to pay child support.”

Baumgartner additionally inquired for $9,000 to cover the legal fees she racked up during the portion of the divorce where she asked the customer for papers about Horizon.

On The Weekend, Both Of Them Were Seen Arriving Separately At Law Offices In Santa Barbara To Be Interviewed For Their Divorce:

Over the past few days, Kevin as well as Christine’s 16-year-old, 14-year-old, and 13-year-old children, Cayden, Hayes, and Grace, were seen coming separately at a law office in Santa Barbara to be interviewed in their divorce.

The star was wearing sunglasses, green pants, and a white shirt. Christine wore a red top as well as black bottoms. Baumgartner’s lawyers stated that Costner’s team provided some of the things they were asked to, but they didn’t give any information about Horizon.