Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Says That While They Were Married, His Huge Fortune Went From $100 Million To $400 Million


Kevin Costner’s Ex-Wife Says That While They Were Married, His Huge Fortune Went From $100 Million To $400 Million:

Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner’s ex-wife, reportedly demands the “Yellowstone” star to pay more in child support each month. She supposedly says that $129,000 a month isn’t enough to keep up their kids’ lavish lifestyle.

Court papers show that during his 18-year marriage to Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner did not have a romance with anyone else. However, he “does not know for sure” if she did.

Christine, Kevin Costner’s ex-wife, thinks that in the 18 years they were married, the value of his “vast estate” went from $100 million to $400 million. Christine and Kevin are fighting over the bridal agreement they signed before getting married in 2004.

Christine, Who Ran Away To Get A Divorce, Is Due $1.5 Million Because Of The Agreement:

Kevin filed court papers saying that Christine, who asked for a divorce on May 1, is due to a $1.5 million payout beneath the deal. If Christine challenges the terms, she risks losing the money.

In legal papers that have been found, Baumgartner, who is 49, is said to be requesting the court to have Costner, who is 68, pay her about $175,057 every month so that their three children can live the same way with each parent.

Baumgartner is said to say in the papers that his kids live with him in a beach house worth between $65 million as well as $95 million and board private planes when they go on fancy trips with him.

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Kevin’s Lawyer Urged The Court To Turn Down Christine’s Request:

Christine’s lawyer asked the judge to deny Kevin’s request, saying that Christine can’t say for sure if she knew “full and fair” information about Kevin’s assets when they inked the agreement.

Her lawyers also said again that they are fighting parts of the deal, such as the “spousal support limitation,” which they said had been “unconscionable at the time of enforcement.”

The handbag designer says that the “Untouchables” actor ought to pay more child care “so that the kids can go on similar vacations when they are alongside her.” This remains true even if Christine’s life gets better because of the child support.

Next Week, There Is Going To Be A Meeting About Child Support:

Baumgartner said that this is just what the California Family Code says, and that $175,000 “will not be enough to match Kevin’s lifestyle, but it will be enough for her to give the kids a lifestyle that is pretty close to Kevin’s.”

Within a California Superior Court statement that People got on Monday, Baumgartner was said to have said that Costner was “withholding” proof about his funds.

Her lawyer says that Costner is “stonewalling” by not giving information before their meeting on child support next week.

At The Time, Kevin Had A Total Worth Of $102,716,000:

“Kevin’s financial report for the PMA in July 2004 was 15 pages long. It listed his bank accounts, investments, savings accounts, real estate, land holdings, interests in closely held companies, and other assets and debts. At the time, Kevin had a total of $102,716,000,” the lawyer wrote.

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But now, she says, the actor’s net worth is almost tripled to $400 million, with regarding $24 million within cash. So, Baumgartner’s lawyers are asking the court to make Costner show business papers.

Cayden, 16, Hayes, 14, as well as Grace, 13, are the children of the couple who broke up. Christine was given $129,755 per month within child support for a short time in July. Next week, there will be a meeting to look at evidence about the child support payments.