Kevin Federline, Who Used To Be Married To Britney Spears, Is Thinking About Going To Court To Get Her To Pay More Child Support


Kevin Federline, Who Used To Be Married To Britney Spears, Is Thinking About Going To Court To Get Her To Pay More Child Support:

Fans of Britney Spears have thought for a long time that Kevin Federline was getting ready for a child support case, and it looks like they might have been right.

The former backup dancer has full control of his two boys, Jayden James, 16, as well as Sean Preston, 17. The pop star gives him a very generous $40,000 a month, but that might not be enough.

Now, Federline is reportedly thinking about going back to court and asking for more money. The timing is strange, since he, his wife Victoria Prince, their daughters Jordan Kay as well as Peyton Marie, as well as his boys all moved to Hawaii throughout the summer.

Hawaii’s Child Support Rules Are Different:

His two kids with his ex-wife Shar Jackson, Kori Madison as well as Kaleb Michael Jackson, are now adults. Hawaii has different child support rules, and if a child is going to school full-time at a college, university, or trade school, the payments can go on until the kid is 23.

The current arrangement between Britney Spears, 41, and Kevin Federline was made after the pop star filed for divorce along with the 2008 conservatorship, which gave Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, 71, the right to make all of her financial, health, and private decisions until November 2021.

Kevin moved to Hawaii in August alongside his wife Victoria, 40, and their four children, Jordan Kay, 12, Peyton Marie, 9, and Shar Jackson’s girls Kori Madison, 21, as well as Kaleb Michael, 19, who he had with his ex-wife. Britney did not argue with this choice.

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The Money Train Was Almost Over, And It Is Going To Cut Down To $20,000 This Month:

Even though California law is likely to win this case because that’s where the child support was set, it feels like a cash grab since Sean will be 18 in just a few days.

The money train will stop soon, and this month it will be cut down to $20,000. Jayden won’t finish high school till June 2025, so Federline seems to want to move fast to make as much money as possible.

He says that child support was set up for part-time care, not for full-time care. Federline will have a hard time convincing Spears’ fans to back him because they think he’s been riding the wealth train for almost 20 years.

Even though he took care of the boys when Spears couldn’t, $20,000 was more than enough to take care of Jayden, even in a pricey state like Hawaii.

Sean Preston Will Be 18 In A Few Weeks, So One Of The Boys Will No Longer Get Help:

At the moment, the kids don’t talk to their mother, but when they become adults, they may have a very different view of things. From every point of view, it’s a very sad situation.

Britney recently broke up with husband Sam Asghari, 29. The fitness teacher filed for a divorce, and people say that Britney is relieved that she will soon no longer have to pay child support for Sean.

Sean Preston will be 18 in a few weeks, so one of the boys will no longer get help. But Jayden’s will stay the same until he finishes high school in June 2025.

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So, if Kevin begs for a raise, the amount that matters is probably $20,000, yet that amount could go up if he can show that he needs additional funds to take care of Jayden 100% of the time.