Killzone website disappears, but does not affect multiplayer

Sony has “removed“the franchise website Killzone, but has promised that this change will not affect any online multiplayer mode.

As reported in VGC, those who visit Killzone.com, from now on are received with a message from Guerrilla Games that says the following: “The official website of the KILLZONE franchise has been eliminated. From now on, those who enter Killzone.com will be redirected to PlayStation.com. “


The message also mentions that this change will not have an effect on the online multiplayer modes of the games of the Killzone saga, nor on the player statistics or ranking in Killzone Mercenary and Killzone Shadow Fall, but that it is no longer possible to create or manage clans in the latter.

Guerrilla ends by thanking the many Killzone fans for their support and enthusiasm over the years.

This does not at all mean that the Killzone saga is going to disappear forever, although it is true that it is seven years since Killzone Shadow Fall was released as a game of the first batch of PS4, and Guerrilla has already focused on Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West.

The saga began on PS2 with Killzone in 2004, and continued in 2006 with Killzone: Liberation. On PS3 there were two installments: Killzone 2 (2009) and Killzone 3 (2011). In 2013 Killzone: Mercenary was released on Vita and Killzone Shadow Fall itself on PS4.

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