Kilos of ice and exclusive multipurpose rooms: the demands that PSG asks of the clubs it visits in France

PSG has several requests for the visiting club in France football (REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier)
PSG has several requests for the visiting club in France football (REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier)

For a long time, the Paris Saint Germain became one of the most powerful clubs in the world of soccer. With the arrival of big stars like Kylian Mbappé, Angel Di Maria, Neymar and the latest and most resonant incorporation of Lionel Messi, the Qatari group that manages the club’s destinies are trying to achieve the institution’s great goal: to win the first Champions League in history.

Beyond being broad dominators of the League 1, the most important competition in French football, the team that runs Mauricio Pochettino it is also coming at a steady pace in the Coupe de France. Last Monday, the Parisian team beat Vannes Olympique and advanced to the next round of the local tournament. But one of the novelties was that PSG visited one of the most modest stadiums and, despite that, demanded that the club meet several of the requirements requested to play as a local.

According to the newspaper The team, the entourage of Paris Saint Germain tHe has the custom of asking, each time he is a visitor, about 180 kilos of ice. Of that amount, 30 have to be delivered before the arrival of the squad to the venue and the other 150 – they have to be ready for the start of the second half – will be used for the post-match and the treatments that the players have to go through.

In addition, another of the requirements are about 200 bottles of 33 ml water, the small ones that are used by the players at the time of hydration in some stop of the game or in the previous of the meetings during the previous warm-up.

In this sense, the other great request made by the PSG staff is related to the rooms available in a stadium. According to the French sports newspaper, the mighty club needs about four rooms for exclusive use. One room must be dedicated only to the players and another has direct access to the members of the coaching staff under Pochettino.

Beyond these two dedicated to the members of the team, the Parisian team also ask for a space where at least 12 mats can be placed so that those chosen by the coach to go out onto the field of play can do warm-up exercises before jumping onto the field of play of the stadium. Moreover, in the same place, once the duel against the rival on duty has started, the club will use said stage to install exercise machines for footballers.

The Parisian group is full of stars and they treat them as such (EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON)
The Parisian group is full of stars and they treat them as such (EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDON)

This area becomes a recovery zone for after the game, where players spend 10 to 15 minutes before showering and getting on the bus that will take them to the hotel or the airport to return to Paris. With the intention of further improving the work of the players, the club also asks how many massage tables can be made available.

Finally, in relation to the rooms, the multiple French champion asks for one near the changing room area to the front page of the board in case they accompany the delegation, such as the sports director Leonardo or the owner of the club, Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

Is there anything else on the list of requirements? Yes, they also wish a moving goal and ten balls to prepare in the previous to the corresponding meeting.

Strictly sports, and after passing the round in the French Cup, PSG will play again for the first division championship. This Sunday, with Messi back in Paris after overcoming the coronavirus, the leader of Ligue 1 will visit Lyon, another of the historical figures of the French competition.


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