Kisan Andolan: Large LED screens and speakers, installed on the Singhu border, are also using walkie-talkies to reach all the farmers.

Kisan Andolan: Farmers agitating against the three agricultural laws of the Center in protest against the agitation of the farmers on Delhi’s Singhu boarder and among the people have installed huge LED screens and speakers to reach more and more protesters. The farmers’ movement has entered the 37th day and the management teams of the farmer unions have put walkie-talkies to keep in touch with each other and send messages. Also Read – Kisan Andolan: Negotiations between government-farmers again inconclusive; Annadata adamant on return of law; Next meeting on 8 January

The movement of farmers running on the Singhu boarder has become high-tech and from LED screens to loudspeakers are being used here. As the number of protesters increased, the managing team of the United Kisan Morcha realized that only a limited number of protesters could see the leaders and listen to their speeches. Also Read – Kisan Andolan: 7th round meeting between farmers and government on agricultural laws, will it be done today?

To overcome this problem, two 8-foot LED screens are placed near the stage and at least 10-km speakers have been installed. Right from the beginning of the protest, the platform is being used by the leaders to give speeches, make major announcements. However, till last week, there were only a few speakers. Due to this, only those present in front of the stage could hear the announcements and speeches. Also Read – Reliance Retail: Reliance in court’s court against demolition in towers, said- we have no plans to go to contract farming

According to Lakhwinder Singh of Azad Kisan Committee, Dwaba, the crowd of protesters started growing after the conclusion of an annual religious gathering on Finghpur Sahib in Punjab on 26 December on the Singhu boarder. He said, “All those people who were in Fatehpur Sahib are now joining the protests and last week we felt that the crowd in front of the stage has increased considerably.” He said, “We have had many people who said that they could not see or hear the speakers properly away from the stage, so we decided to put the screen on.”

Lakhwinder is also part of the United Kisan Morcha management team. “We want to ensure that all our farmer brothers and sisters are well aware of our movement or about the strategies shared by our leaders on the platform,” he said. ‘It is natural that not everyone can stay in front of the stage all the time. So microphones help all farmers to stay connected. “

Farmer leaders and key members of the management team have placed walkie-talkies that keep them in the “2-3 km range”. “Our phones practically don’t work here and calls drop frequently, so walkie talkies help us stay in touch,” said Jaskaran Singh, who sees stage and lighting arrangements at the protest venue.

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