Kisan Andolan: Sonia Gandhi’s attack- ‘Government to withdraw all three agricultural laws leaving arrogance of power’

Kisan Andolan: The interim president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, has accused the Modi government of ‘arrogance’. Sonia Gandhi said that the government should now remove its arrogance of power and follow ‘Rajdharma’ and withdraw all three black agricultural laws. He said in a statement, “The Modi government still has time to come out of the arrogance of power and withdraw the three new central agricultural laws to end the farmers’ agitation.” Performing this’ Rajdharma ‘will be a true tribute to the departed souls who lost their lives during the protest.’ Also Read – The rain of farmers standing on the borders of Delhi increased the difficulties, water filled in tents; Fuel wood and blanket soaked

He claimed, ‘For the first time since independence, a proud government has come to power. It is not even looking at the pain and suffering of the farmers, forget about the common man. ” The Congress chief said that more than 50 farmers have lost their lives in protest, some of which have led to the government’s conduct If he committed suicide due to cold, many lives were lost.

Sonia Gandhi alleged that the main agenda of the Modi government is to benefit some capitalists, but in a democracy, a government which does not listen to its people does not last long. The government should know that democracy means protecting the interests of farmers and laborers. At the same time, cold, fog and rain have increased the problems of farmers, women and children protesting on the borders of Delhi.

(Input: IANS)

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