Knives Out 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Knives Out 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc’s (Daniel Craig) narrative was explored via the Netflix original series Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, which was a huge hit and left fans eager for news on Knives Out 3.

Knives Out (2019) by writer-director Rian Johnson has been transformed into a contemporary whodunit series, replete with a revolving cast of A-list celebrities.

Craig appeared in Glass Onion with actors including Janelle Monáe, Edward Norton, Dave Bautista, and Kate Hudson in a weekend murder investigation that horribly, horribly went wrong.

The sequel to Knives Out was equally as enjoyable as the first, laying the stage for an exciting third chapter.

Knives Out 3 has been in the works since before its director, Rian Johnson, agreed to a contract with Netflix that, if true, would be one of the largest streaming agreements in history and be worth an estimated $400 million.

Knives Out 3, a sequel to Glass Onion from the previous year, will once again be written by Johnson and have Daniel Craig’s Benoit Blanc as the lead investigator.

He recently said that he has already begun to map out ideas about the movie, adding, “I am unable to copy the previous movie in any way. Both tonally and philosophically, the intention is to entirely break new ground.

If the third film is nothing like Glass Onion, then will be well worth the money, particularly because Johnson is anxious to ensure that Benoit Blanc’s comeback matches up to the first two films.

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Knives Out 2 is obviously a great hit; the detective film swiftly rose to the top 10 Netflix movies for the first time and received favourable reviews.

Even in his Knives Out 2 review, our editor Tom Percival awarded the 2022 film a five-star rating and called The Glass Onion “gripping, hilarious, yet whip smart.”

Knives Out 3 Release Date

The filmmaker also said that note-taking and concept writing account for around 80% of his filming process.

Knives Out 3 is already in the writing stages, and a late 2024 release date is beginning to seem promising.

Knives Out 3 Cast

Expect this third movie to feature another colourful he star-studded array of suspects and possible murder victims—unless Johnson goes wild and brings back figures from the previous two films.

Of course, Daniel Craig will return as Benoit Blanc, but we’d want to see more from Hugh Grant than the short appearance he makes as Phillip in a flashback sequence in Blanc’s flat.

It’s possible that Noah Segan will also make an appearance in the third film, yet not as a role he’s portrayed before.

Segan has so far featured in each of Johnson’s films, playing the roles of Trooper Wagner is Knives Out and lazy Derol in Glass Onion. But apart from them, everything is up in the air. It may be anybody.

Knives Out 3 Trailer

Knives Out 3 Plot

We don’t yet know the specifics of the case Benoit Blanc is going to be solving in Knives Out 3, yet we can assure it will be one full of surprises and one that goes against what you may anticipate from a murder investigation.

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“I want it to have a place in America,” he said to Insider. Going to Paris or the mountains is really alluring, but I believe it’s crucial that these films be set in America.

“Even in Glass Onion, that’s set overseas, however it’s an ensemble of Americans that are trapped on a tropical island together, so I think bringing it to someplace a little farther from home, I believe, could be beneficial for the next one.”

Don’t count on Blanc to always solve crimes, regardless of the third movie ends up being as successful as the previous two.

According to Craig, “I think we would run away if there ever came a time where either Rian or believed we’d been just churning them out.”

It’s crucial that each one currently, and the third one in particular, has a sense of dread and peril, said Johnson. “Shake the box,” I said.

Of course, the internet wants to catch a Muppets vs. the World movie because, well, the internet.

The thought that Benoit Blanc may look into a mystery involving Kermit and his pals caused a social media frenzy, and it has even reached the ears of creator Rian Johnson.

Johnson said, “It’s a joke which I thought was really clever, and I ended up actually giving it some serious consideration.

As seriously as I take the crime mystery genre, I also take the genre that includes a Muppet movie seriously, he said.

Those two things, in my opinion, have completely distinct rules. Muppets could be included in a Benoit Blanc mystery, but they would seem out of place. Alternatively, a Muppet movie starring Benoit Blanc will still seem like a Muppets movie.

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“I would not like to put either of them in jeopardy. And I think you would have to choose and compromise on either of them in order to execute it properly and function.

Even if it hurts to admit that Benoit Blanc will never be put in his place by Miss Piggy, he probably isn’t wrong.