Koikimo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Koikimo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Mogusu is the artist behind the Japanese romantic drama art collection Koikimo, often referred to as Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui.

Prior to January 2015, when Ichijinsha’s Comic POOL digital manga magazine started serialising it online, it was previously uploaded on Pixiv.

Eight Tank-Bon volumes were released from January 2015 and March 2021. The anime television series that Nomad adapted made its premiere on streaming sites on March 29, 2021, and on broadcast from April 5 until June 21, 2021.

Koikimo, also known as It’s Disgusting To Call This Love, was well-received by the anime community.

It started out as a manga but later became an anime. The first episode of the anime, titled Koikimo, debuted on April 5, 2021. There will be twelve episodes.

Koikimo, a romantic comedy anime series with the original title Koi to Yobu na wa Kimochi Warui, debuted in the spring of 2021.

The series relies on Mogusu’s manga series, that has been released in Japan since 2015. Despite making a sensation with its animation, it has been around since 2015.

Nomad Studio was the company that produced the animation for the show. Together wit studio Bones (Boku no Hero Academia), the studio also worked on the animations for “Bungo Stray Dogs Wan!” in 2021.

The anime was first shown on Japanese neighbourhood networks between April 5 and June 21, 2021. It depicts the relationship of the main characters notwithstanding their age disparity.

There were 12 episodes in the first season, which was also available on Crunchyroll. This is how the anime’s second season, which has drawn fans from all around the globe, is being seen. All information available regarding the second season has been assembled.

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‘Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui, It’s Disgusting to Call This Love, or simply ‘Koikimo, is an age-gap romance anime that is based on a Japanese manga series authored and drawn by Mogusu.

The central connection in the narrative is that of womaniser Ryou Amakusa, age 20, and high school pupil Ichika Arima, age 17. When Ichika stops Ryou from going down the steps and rescues him, they cross paths.

She is his sister Rio’s closest friend, he discovers later. Ichika notices Ryou’s infatuation on her nearly right away, which initially disturbs her. But as the show goes on and Ichika gets familiar with Ryou, she begins to feel the same way about him.

Koikimo Season 2 Release Date

To the best of our knowledge, neither Studio Nomad nor any other entity involved in the creation of the anime have made a public announcement on the release date to Koikimo Season 2. Unannounced is the development of a Koikimo sequel as well.

At the beginning of 2021, the series of manga had sold more than a million copies worldwide. The last episode of the anime includes adaptations of a few of the manga’s final chapters. An OVA or a second season are both conceivable.

It could be authorised if the creators decide to continue the show without utilising any original material.

When Koikimo Season 2 has a distinct story, it may premiere in 2023. We will update this area as soon as the official renewal is published.

Koikimo Season 2 Cast

A 17-year-old high school girl named Ichika Arima, portrayed by Yurie Kozakai, finds Ryo’s impassioned approaches intriguing after rescuing him from tumbling down the stairs and offering him her lunch.

Her surname means “one flower,” therefore as a way to show her how much he cares, Ryo probably brings her a flower every day to her home.

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Ryo often attempts to approach Ichika, but she rejects him, so it doesn’t seem like she minds.

  • Ryo Amakusa voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga- A 27-year-old womaniser salaryman falls in love with Ichika after giving her his own body as thanks for saving him and getting a lukewarm response.
  • Rio Amakusa is voiced by Rena Hasegawa- Ichika’s best friend at school and Ryo’s younger sister, who is sympathetic to her brother’s concerns.
  • Kai Tamaru is voiced by Junya Enoki- A classmate of Ichika’s who falls in love with her.
  • Arie Matsushima is voiced by Kana Hanazawa- a coworker of Ryo’s who has affection for him.
  • Masuda is voiced by Ryōhei Kimura- Since middle school, Ryo has known his independent cameraman pal.

Koikimo Season 2 Trailer

Koikimo Season 2 Plot

There are a variety of weird ways to fall in love. This statement seems to be especially true in the case of the affluent genius playboy Ryou Amakusa.

A girl named Ichika Arima saves him from slipping down the stairs one rainy morning. By accident, Ryou bumps across Ichika again later that evening; she also happens to be Rio’s closest friend.

Ryou approaches Ichika with his usual charming methods in an attempt to “thank” her, but he is promptly rebuffed because of his intimidating demeanour.

Instead of letting up, Ryou becomes more smitten with her and begins to employ all of the tricks in the text to win Ichika’s heart despite always receiving a rude response.

We were left hanging after Koikimo season 1, and we must now know what happens next.

As will be discussed further in this article, Koikimo Season 1 ended with an unclear scenario.

When Ichika finally musters the courage to get in touch with Ryo, he plays it cool by claiming that he is too busy at work to talk to her for a while.

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In order to explain her feelings to Ryo, Arie says, “Even though I have a crush, I wish to make an effort so make myself like me.”

I wonder whether Ichihana won’t suffer because of the age difference because Ryo is more probable to date Arie in the eyes of the public.

Masuda, who Ryo seldom ever invites to drink with him at home, however, offers Ryo the following words of wisdom: “I’m unprepared, and my only worry is with myself.

I should behave honestly. At that time, Ryo’s father paid a short-duration visit to his home.

Ichika and her friends would be third-year pupils after their spring break. Rio tells them that she wants to practise law, and Ichika, who is unclear of her future plans, gets terrified.

In response to Ichika’s query, Ryo remembers the argument he he his father have when they were both younger and claims that he only followed the path that his parents had laid out for him. While they are having dinner at home, Ryo’s father knows about his feelings for Ichika.

After a few days of their trip to see the flowers, Ichika decides to confide in Rio about her concerns since she hasn’t heard from Ryo. Rio suggests that Ichika try contacting to him her own, which causes her to get a bit uneasy.

Rio confesses to her that Ichika feels awful for her brother because she can’t determine what she feels about Ryo.

When Ichika finally musters the courage to get in touch with Ryo, he plays it cool by claiming that he is too busy at work to talk to her for a while.