Kojima confirms working on a small game and a new triple A that “everyone will want to play”


The Japanese creator has given an interview in which he talks about the plans of Kojima Productions.

After a discreet 2021 in which only Death Stranding Director’s Cut has been released, it seems that 2022 has to be a year in which Hideo Kojima regain some prominence. The Japanese creator has been warming up in recent weeks, with statements that speak of two new projects and messages that increase the enthusiasm of the players.

Just a few days after the last thing he commented, we once again have Kojima giving an interview on a radio, specifically in the special ‘Wonderful World of Games Music’ on NHK Radio. In it, and as the user has transcribed Genki, you have confirmed that you have two new video games between hands, each one very different from the other.

The small project will not be an open world or shooterSpecifically, it talks about one of them being a triple A of which he assures that “everyone will want to play”, so we could expect a title aimed at the general public and that may go hand in hand with a large company, as is the case with his latest blockbuster. He has not offered any further details, but the second project is a smallest game that will try to get out of the box, without incorporating anything that has to do with an open world or shooter mechanics.

Additionally, Kojima has talked about how they are having difficulties finding employees at Kojima Productions due to the general impact of the pandemic worldwide, which has affected production rates and caused a readjustment of working methods as we knew them until now. It also confirms that the studio it has opened in Los Angeles works both in movies and anime, so we will also see your signature in other media in the future.

Hideo KojimaHideo Kojima

It should be noted that Kojima’s latest work has been Death Stranding, a big-budget title that, however, kept in its main playable mechanics a groundbreaking idea that is more typical of independent games. In it we once again saw a strong role in the narration through kinematics, so it is not strange the news of the opening of a new division focused on TV, film and music within Kojima Productions.

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