Kojima’s next game would be an Xbox exclusive


Everything you do Which it awakens the most extreme interest of the community. We know that it has rained a lot since the days when a Metal Gear (considered his masterpiece) was exclusive to a single company; but in the future it could happen and in the opposite way to expectations: Kojima could be preparing an exclusive for the Xbox ecosystem.

Microsoft would already be negotiating with Kojima to get a future game from the creative, according to the Venture Beat medium. The idea: gain the interest of Japan.

“I can’t confirm whether Xbox has already closed the deal, but in my view, Kojima is the target of a Microsoft plan to get an exclusive,” they say.

All that remains is for it to be a Silent Hill or some similar outrage that Xbox takes, causing foam in the mouth of more than one user. Speaking of Kojima: the creative prepares a book about his creative process.

Will be published by VIZ Media and it will be called “The Creative Gene”. It will arrive in the fall of 2021 and focuses on exploring Kojima’s artistic influences and inspirations.

Long-time Kojima fans will recognize the influence of classic action cinema on the developer’s work. The early years of Kojima’s career focused on producing movies before switching to the world of video games. The original MSX Metal Gear is influenced by The Rock, and tries to get the player to focus on espionage rather than throwing shrapnel.

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