Kratos becomes a trending topic for an alleged fight against Thanos


If there are no unexpected delays, God of War: Ragnarok should arrive this next year 2021. However, it will probably take a while to learn more details about the game, which so far has only been left in a small teaser.

Therefore, it is even more surprising that Kratos, the protagonist of this popular franchise, has recently become a trending topic on Twitter. The reason? An alleged battle between the Spartan and Thanos, Marvel’s mad titan. Who would win? The answer has attracted so many stares, that by now users are still fiercely debating.

As commented from Gamerant, it all started with a simple tweet (which you can see below), which ended up attracting the attention of multiple users in a very short time.

In addition, the truth is that the comparison can have some logic. Not so much in terms of the power of each of the characters, which is a whole world too, but rather because of their nature. Somehow, both of them are filled with rage (Kratos less since he has Atreus), and they are capable of ending an entire civilization. Even though that civilization is made up of Olympus himself.

Anyway, as you can see for yourself in the responses to that tweet, everything seems to indicate that most users believe that the God of War hero would win, no matter which iteration of the character is fighting the battle.

And they just refer to Kratos’ ability to defeat gods, while Thanos ended up losing against humans (although it is true that some of those humans had superpowers).

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And you? Who do you think is the stronger character of the two? We read you carefully.