Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Respond To The Angry Comments That Questioned Whether Or Not They Were Really Stuck At The Airport


Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Respond To The Angry Comments That Questioned Whether Or Not They Were Really Stuck At The Airport:

Bell said on the August 14 episode of her husband’s show, “Armchair Expert,” that people are addicted to being angry. Kristen Bell as well as Dax Shepard are pros at avoiding letting the mean things people say about them get to them.

A few weeks after talking about being stuck within an airport for 9 hours, the couple talked regarding how they felt when they saw that some people on social media said they were lying.

Last month, Kristen Bell, Dax Shepard, and their girls were stuck at Boston Logan International Airport. The family planned to sleep on the floor.

The Couple Spent $600 On Improvised Mattresses And Other Sleep Aids After Waiting 9 Hours:

The couple wrote about what happened on July 26 on Instagram. They said that they had to spend $600 on homemade beds and sleeping materials because their flight was late and they had to wait for nine hours.

But not everyone understood what they were going through. Some people on social media questioned Bell’s claim that there were no open hotel rooms within 50 miles of Logan International Airport in Boston.

Shepard said, “I guess I got lost when I saw all these angry comments upon my post because I don’t know what’s so bad about that story.”

At The Moment Bell Comments On His Post That Make Him Mad:

“But here’s the thing,” Bell said. “You treat everyone as if they have the same emotional and mental abilities as you or your group of friends.

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Many people just go online and ask, “Hey, buddy, what should I Google?” As Well As they just Google things that make them angry. They want to have a reason to be angry.”

The night of the incident, Bell wrote on her Instagram Stories that the family wanted to remain in their DIY setup of blankets, neck pillows, as well as snacks, but airport staff made them leave.

Bell As Well As His Daughter Were Lucky To Be Able To Stay At A Friend’s House:

Bell, Shepard, and their girls, Lincoln, 10, as well as Delta, 8, were able to find a place to stay at the nearby home of a friend of a friend who had room in their attic.

During the show, the star of “The Good Place” talked more about the criticisms that were made about the couple. She said, “They said things like, ‘You’re not getting thrown out,’ ‘Of course there were hotels,’ and ‘I can’t believe you spend $600 on pillows.'”

“No hotel up to your standards” was my favorite,” Shepard said. “I was like, But we’re sleeping on the floor,” she said. But Bell gave her spouse of 10 years some good advice.

Someone Said, “You have to stop attempting to prove things to people because it happens everywhere.”:

“You have to stop attempting to prove things to people because it happens everywhere,” the 43-year-old said. “Everyone goes through it, no matter how well-known they are. You should just ignore them because they are below you.”

Bell and Shepard said that there were a dozen flights that were canceled in Boston before theirs, which continued to be pushed back. So through the time they found out that their flight wouldn’t be leaving that night, the nearby hotels were already full of people who were also stuck.

Bell thought about the bad things that happen on social media and said that not only famous people get trolled online. “Stop trying to prove stuff to other people, because it happens all the time,” she told him.

Bell Stated That This Appears To Be Part Of The Political Split:

It doesn’t just occur to us it happens to everyone, no matter how well-known they are on social media. Someone says something, and you have to just ignore it because they aren’t on your level.

Shepard said, “I guess my conclusion, which you may or may not agree alongside, was that this must be a component of the political schism because it was so hostile as well as angry.”

“We have to find a way to just be lefties. No matter what we did, it was going to be prove that we were crazy, stupid, as well as whatever. Something political seemed to be going on.”

Bell Replied, “A lot of people just don’t get jokes” On What Their Sense Of Humor Is Really Like:

“A lot of people don’t get jokes,” Bell said about how people really feel about humor.

“That’s something I’ve been thinking regarding lately, because it’s so sad that everything you speak has to be taken so seriously that there’s no room for fun within expression or words anymore when you’re telling a story, due to you have to get the facts right.

It’s such a lame method to talk to someone.” Everyone, it’s just a silly joke to ask friends to switch pairs so they can hook up. Unless, like, that’s really your thing.