Kumail Nanjiani explains what the Eternals post-credits scene was like that was finally cut from the film


The actor Kumail Nanjiani has given all the details about the Eternals post-credits scene that he recorded and that in the end never saw the light.

Entertainment Weekly includes the latest statements by the actor Kumail Nanjiani, who has decided to speak this time about the post-credits scene that he recorded for the MCU movie, Eternals, but which was eventually removed. Basically, in this scene his character Kingo meets Eros (Harry Styles).

“We actually filmed a different scene with Harry Styles, because in the ending right now my character is not in that scene, but we filmed a version where I was with him,” Nanjiani said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. The actor continued giving details of the scene, where he assures that they did not say a word, but both simply looked at each other. “We don’t really talk. We just look at each other from afar.”

The actor also wanted to speak of the result that Eternals had at the box office and of all the criticism it received, since the new UCM left a bittersweet taste for many.

“I’m lovin ‘it Eternals. I think it’s fantastic. I was bummed that it was a little divisive. Chloe made a very, very ambitious, huge movie that is very different from most comic book movies. She set herself a very, very high bar,” she said. “I keep thinking that, at some point, people will watch that movie again and realize there’s so much more to it“.

Finally, Nanjiani spoke of the possibility that there is that he will interpret The edge: “I don’t know if my character will come back. I would love to come back and do it, but I really don’t know.”

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