Ladakh border dispute: Indian and Chinese soldiers within shooting range at Spanggur Gap, army on alert

New Delhi: China has mobilized thousands of soldiers, tanks and howitzer cannons at the Spanggur Gap in the southern part of Pangong Tso in eastern Ladakh. Chinese soldiers are positioned within a rifle range from Indian jawans. Sources say that since this deployment done by China, Indian soldiers are also on high alert. Also Read – Japan, US and many countries are coming with India against aggressive China on many fronts

Indian troops have established strategic access to areas of significant elevation along the southern coast of Pangong Tso near Chushul on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Subsequently, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) has conducted provocative military deployment since 30 August at the Spanggur Gap, which is located between Gurung Hill and Magar Hill. A government official said, “In view of the deployment of Chinese PLA troops and weapons, the Indian Army has also deployed their equal in Spanggur Gap. The army and guns of both countries are within a shooting range (a few steps away). ” Also Read – People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China handed over 5 missing men from Arunachal to India: report

Apart from this, sources said that China has deployed its militia squad to strengthen its grip on the border areas and stabilize Tibet region. He has been tasked to evacuate the soldiers of the Indian Army from areas of significant height in strategic terms. The militia is an erratic mix of climbers, boxers, members of local fight clubs and others. Most of its members are drawn from the local population. Also Read – China builds military base near Finger-5, Pangong Lake, Indian Army movement stops ahead of Finger-4

A senior government official said, “The militia is basically a reserve force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. They are deployed in wartime conditions and to assist the PLA in its military operations. ” The official also said that the Chinese militia also operates independently and provides combat support and manpower compensation to the PLA. The Indian Army has clearly reiterated that if the Chinese troops take provocative military steps, then the army will retaliate.

Sources said that the PLA soldiers on the northern shore of Pangong Lake have also continued their intention to change the status quo and occupy the area of ​​Finger-4. With this, the Indian soldiers, sensing the situation, have established their reach on some high altitude areas of the area. A source said, “Our troops have established access to some high-altitude areas in view of the PLA occupied areas.”

The northern shore of the lake is divided into eight ‘Fingers’. India considers the area up to Finger-8 as the Line of Actual Control and continues to hold the Finger-4 area, but the Chinese are also trying to change the status quo here. This is the reason why the Chinese Army is camping on Finger-4 and has made fortifications between Finger-5 and Finger-8.

The movement of new troops of Chinese troops, vehicles and Chinese army is seen on the north, south coast of Pangong Lake. In some places, heavily armed soldiers are very close to Indian soldiers. To reduce the situation, the forces of India and China are talking daily. Although the talks in Chushul on Saturday were also inconclusive, the two sides also agreed to negotiate at a higher military level. The forces of India and China have been face to face in East Ladakh for four months. Despite many levels of communication, there has been no success and the deadlock continues.

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