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Lady Di’s lover broke the silence and revealed how the explosive interview with the BBC was developed

Lady Di's ex-boyfriend, Hasnat Khan, said they filled him "garbage head" to the princess to agree to give her famous BBC interview
Lady Di’s ex-boyfriend, Hasnat Khan, said the princess was filled with “garbage” on her head so that she would agree to give her famous BBC interview.

Hasnat Khan The 62-year-old, born in Pakistan, was in a relationship with Diana Spencer for two years, between 1995 and 1997. Lady Di’s former love, who often keeps a low profile and does not give media reports, talked about how the days before the princess before giving the controversial interview with Martin Bashir in which he spoke of the affair between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

Consulted by the British tabloid Daily Mail, Khan explained that explosive report It was a consequence of the manipulation that journalist Martin Bashir exercised on Diana Spencer. “He filled his head with garbage”, He declared.

At that meeting for the program Panorama At Kensington Palace, the princess, who died two years later in a car accident in Paris, uttered that famous and unforgettable phrase: “In my marriage there were three of us, it was a bit crowded “, referring to the extramarital affair that her still husband kept with Camilla.

In November, the BBC She was accused of falsifying documents to secure the interview, and now Khan, a cardiologist whose relationship with Diana began in 1995 and ended shortly before her death in 1997, claims that interviewer Martin Bashir “blew up” Diana.

“One of her most attractive qualities was her vulnerability. It was what made her loved by the public. Later I realized that Martin took advantage of those vulnerabilities and exploited them”Khan told Daily Mail.

Amid the scandal, Prince William welcomed the launch of an investigation into how Bashir gained his mother’s trust.

“This independent investigation is a step in the right direction“Said the Duke of Cambridge, second in line to the British throne, in a statement released by Kensington Palace. “It should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the interview of Panorama and the decisions made by those who were in the BBC at that moment”He added.

Lady Di: “There were three of us in the marriage, it was a bit crowded”

“He was very persuasive with Diana and filled her head with nonsense“Said Khan, who is famous for his privacy and has rarely spoken publicly about his relationship with Diana.

Khan said that after talking to Bashir, Diana began to believe that Prince Charles had impregnated his children’s nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke, and made her paranoid “with conversations about wiretapping.”

“She was not a paranoid personbut with all those wiretapping ideas and talk, Bashir tried to lead her to a place where she distrusted of the things and the people that surrounded her ”, she explained.

After meeting Bashir in a pub with Diana, Khan said he told royalty to be “careful.” Diana’s then-boyfriend assured that he was astonished and offended by the journalist’s impertinent questions.

“Almost from the get-go, he started asking me personal questions about Diana and our relationship. Why don’t we get married? When would we get married? That kind of thing, ”he recalled. “There was something about Bashir that I didn’t like. I told him to be careful with him. “

“I got angry. It was impertinent on the part of this man I did not know, that he spoke to us like that, “he added.

Of course I am not naive. I knew there was a part of Diana that wanted to do an interview, but my question is if Martin Bashir hadn’t been there persuading her, would he ever have? “, added.

But Lady Di ignored it. The princess recorded the controversial interview with Bashir and later told Khan about it. When he saw the interview, alone, during a shift at the hospital, he could not believe what he was seeing: “Diana called me as soon as it was over and asked what I thought and I told her it was a terrible and big mistake.”

Lady Di and Carlos from England got married in 1981 after six dates
Lady Di and Carlos from England got married in 1981 after six dates

Khan recalled asking Diana what the royals would do. “She was absolutely clear and said that they would ask (her and Carlos) to get divorced”. That’s how it went. One month after the broadcast of the interview the world was talking about, Queen Elizabeth II asked Charles and Diana to put an end to this situation and to divorce.

In addition, Khan said that one of the reasons she wanted to do the interview was to force a divorce.

The princess’s relationship with Bashir suddenly ended. Diana told him that she was no longer in contact with Bashir. “I asked her why and she said by William. I could believe it, because children were fundamental in everything that she did. ”

Khan met Wiliam and Harry after several times during the course of his two-year relationship with Diana. As revealed: “William hated the interview by Panorama and he told his mother that he had made a mistake that had upset him a lot. He was very direct and said: “Mom, Bashir is not a good person.”

Lady Di with her children and Prince Charles (Shutterstock)
Lady Di with her children and Prince Charles (Shutterstock)

Princess Diana’s close friend Rosa Monckton, who chose Diana as her daughter’s godmother, previously told the Daily Mail who believed that the interview BBC contributed to the untimely death of Lady Di.

Monckton wrote that the interview of the BBC “Dishonestly accomplished, it probably changed the course of history”, which led Diana and Carlos to start the divorce process.

“Among those decisions was the fact that Diana lost her royal title,” Monckton said. “If she had kept it, it almost certainly would not have been in the incapable hands of a speeding drunk driver employed by Mohamed Al-Fayed,” owner of the Ritz hotel where she and her son, Dodi, had dined hours before. his death in Paris on August 31, 1997.


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