Ladybug plague: help against ladybugs in the home



Ladybug plague: This helps against ladybugs in the apartment

With the cold season, ladybugs come into the apartment. The TAG24 guide explains what you can do against the ladybug plague.

If many ladybugs gather in the apartment, the actual lucky charms can quickly become a nuisance.

Ladybug: The beneficial becomes a nuisance

If many ladybugs gather and come into the apartment, the beneficial insects can quickly become a nuisance.

If many ladybugs gather and come into the apartment, the beneficial insects can quickly become a nuisance. © unsplash/Scott Bridges

People used to think that ladybugs were a gift from the Virgin Mary and named the insects after her because they were extremely useful in agriculture.

Ladybugs are still used today in biological pest control because the insects eat large quantities of aphids and various larvae.

In the meantime, the Asian ladybird is widespread in Germany in addition to the native species of seven- and two-spot ladybirds. This species reproduces very quickly and, in addition to aphids, eats the larvae of gall midges and other species of ladybirds.

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Ladybugs can become a real plague when they gather in hundreds and even invade your own home.

TAG24 explains why so many ladybugs can be found in your own four walls and what you can do against the insects.

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The most important information for speed readers:

  • In order to survive the winter, ladybugs look for a frost-protected place alone or in groups.
  • From October to November it can happen that ladybugs increasingly enter the apartment.
  • If you don’t want to have ladybugs in your home, it’s best to get rid of them with a dustpan or vacuum cleaner and take the insects outside.
  • Fly screens, airing without light, closing all entrances and openings and certain scents help prevent ladybugs in the home.
When it gets colder, ladybugs gather to hibernate together.

When it gets colder, ladybugs gather to hibernate together. © unsplash/Austin Ban

What do ladybugs do to survive the winter?

In the period from October to November, when the temperatures drop, ladybugs fly to warmer countries or they look for a frost-protected shelter for the winter.

It is often the Asian ladybugs that gather on sunny autumn days from balcony railings and house walls to look for a place for the winter together. These swarms are usually gone by the next day.

Ladybugs hibernate B. in piles of leaves, under tree bark and in openings or cavities in walls and roofs. However, it happens that ladybugs enter houses and apartments rather accidentally when they are looking for a place to winter. The insects get into the apartment through window frames, roller shutter boxes, cracks in the roof or other openings.

A lone ladybug in the room might not be so bad. In addition, the insects are not poisonous, but useful helpers in combating aphids and other pests.

However, it becomes problematic when larger groups of ladybugs accumulate. The noise, the smell and ladybugs scattered all over the premises are sometimes a great burden for those affected, which is why the insects should be removed promptly.

Remove ladybugs from the apartment

It is best to get rid of ladybugs without killing the insects. If you want to remove ladybugs from your living space, you can try the following methods.

1. Method: You can simply sweep individual beetles and smaller quantities onto a shovel with a hand brush. Then take the ladybugs outside.

2. Method: Larger accumulations of ladybugs can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Put a thin sock or nylon stocking over the vacuum cleaner tube so you can slide the rest of the sock down the tube. Suck in the bugs at the lowest level. The ladybugs collect in the sock, then you can easily take them outside.

If the ladybugs get out of hand in the apartment, it is advisable to seek the help of a professional pest control.

A notice: Avoid catching the ladybugs with your bare hands. When the insects feel threatened, they reflexively shed a little blood. The yellowish liquid smells very unpleasant, causes stubborn stains and can possibly also cause skin irritation.

You can simply sweep up ladybugs with a shovel and broom and get them out of the apartment.

You can simply sweep up ladybugs with a shovel and broom and get them out of the apartment. © 123RF/dolgachov

Prevent ladybugs

It is best to prevent the ladybugs from entering the home in the first place.

Preventive measures and home remedies against ladybugs:

  • attach close-meshed insect screens to the windows and the balcony door
  • Seal openings of any kind, such as on the window, in the roof, etc
  • turn off the light when ventilating
  • Treat openings and other entrances with scents such as lavender, thyme, bay leaf, vanilla, lemon balm, eucalyptus and peppermint
  • if you have a garden, you can leave leaves and such for the animals and insects to overwinter

Insect repellents and light traps against ladybugs are also available on the market. Although these variants are effective, some of them are harmful to the environment.

Ladybugs help against aphids and other pests. If they are a nuisance in the apartment or house, you should first try to get rid of the insects using simple means and swhat to say eliminate methods rather than killing them instantly with chemical agents or traps.

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