Lady’s Gambit will have musical


If you liked Gambit de Dama and you are also fans of musicals, you are going to love this news: the miniseries (which adapts the 1983 novel) will have a musical, as echoed by The Guardian.

Level Forward announced last Monday that they had acquired the rights to produce the 1983 novel as a musical. They are already famous in the panorama of these shows, the same ones that turned Alanis Morrissette’s Jagged Little Pill into a musical.

Gambit de Dama is one of the most successful series of the year 2020. In it, a girl is a chess prodigy in the 60s and they tell us her story, from her childhood in the orphanage, to her complicated adolescence and future life. Impressive work that of the protagonist, Anya Taylor-Joy, with an imposing presence that captivates from the first minute. It has a very adult, intelligent script that flies over complex issues such as depression, drug use, growth, machismo … a real surprise that has managed to leave us in checkmate, as we told you in our selection of shows televisions of last year.

As you know, it is based on the novel of the same name that appeared in 1983 by the author Walter Trevis, and stars Anya Taylor-Joy. It is the creation of Scott Frank and Allan Scott, and it arrived on the Netflix platform on October 23, 2020, causing a great fury among the general public and especially among those who had not been too interested in that ancient art of strategy which is chess.

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