Lara Croft could be the next to arrive at Fortnite


After having received heroes like Kratos or the Master Chief, everything is possible in Fortnite. So it wouldn’t surprise us at all that Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) was the next cult character from the video game industry to make it to Epic’s game.

And it is more than possible that this happens judging by the clues that are taking place in the last hours. Clues that come from both Fortnite dataminers and the official Tomb Raider Twitter account. Here we tell you all the details.

As Gamingbolt reports, the information comes from two fronts. On the one hand, there is the tweet that you can see above, published by the well-known dataminer @ Mang0e_. The fact is that this has discovered a new skin that appears in the game code as “Typhoon”. And it is a skin that will arrive soon. Furthermore, according to the data extracted, it corresponds to a female character.

With this information, it could very well be any female character from video games (there’s been a lot of rumor about Samus lately as well). However, all the alarms have been raised when the official Tomb Raider Twitter account has published the following tweet.

As you can see, it is about a message with emojis showing a pickaxe, a running woman, and a bow and arrow. It could be something else, of course, but the clues are quite suggestive. We will be attentive in case the news is confirmed. What is clear is that if it is not Lara Croft, another important female skin will arrive.

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