Latest leaks from Samsung Galaxy S11 come up impressive and new specs


According to the latest report given by a reputable leaker, Samsung has started to work either on Galaxy S10 Lite or on Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite, which has the model number of SM-G770F that has now been benchmarked.

The reports collected from SamMobile suggest that the latest model being worked on by Samsung has an 855 Snapdragon chipset with 8GB RAM. While the chipset used is similar to the former model of Samsung that is the US version Galaxy S10, while the latter feature has been upgraded from the base version of Galaxy S10e.

In addition to these configurations, the phone has been listed to using the latest version of Android, which is Android 10, and claims to have achieved a score of a single-core of 742 along with a 2604 multi-core feature. Those results obtained can be put in line with the range of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Samsung Galaxy S10.

Enough evidence has been collected about this new model by Samsung to prove the fact that it is more likely going to develop into a real device. However, as a matter of fact, whether the device is going to end up to be the successor of Galaxy S10, i.e. Galaxy S10 Lite or it is going to be named as Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite still remains a mystery. The people familiar with the matter say that there are very high chances of this new model by Samsung being named entirely different from that of the S-series.

But, the leakers of this new information are ready to put their money on it is the very new Samsung Galaxy S11 Lite. The model number is imparting some hints of it belonging to the S series. However, the model has come up after a long rest of the Galaxy S10 series, and the Galaxy S10e has somewhat already filled the position of Galaxy S10 Lite; thus, it seems unlikely for the new model to named as Galaxy S10 Lite.

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Nevertheless, the phone is using a slightly obsolete version of the chipset, while we were expecting for the Samsung Galaxy S11 models to make use of the Snapdragon 865 chipsets in the region where Samsung makes use of the Snapdragon chips; therefore, the information about the name of the phone remains unsure. In any case, the idea shall soon be cleared.


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