Lawyer For 50 Cent Tells LAPD That Mic Throw At Concert That Hit Radio Host Was An Accident


Lawyer For 50 Cent Tells LAPD That Mic Throw At Concert That Hit Radio Host Was An Accident:

The dead microphone that 50 Cent threw off stage last night in Los Angeles and hit a radio show in the head was an accident, according to the former Power star’s lawyer.

“Let’s be very clear, as I promised LAPD this afternoon, my client Curtis would not intentionally hit anyone with a microphone,” Scott Leemon tells Deadline about his punch to Power 106 host Bryhana Monegain at Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s Crypto Arena show on August 30. “Anyone who says something different is wrong and doesn’t have all the facts.”

The rapper is seen throwing two distinct mics into the crowd during the show on the video that was taken. In the first case, it looks like he’s almost giving the mic to the crowd prior to he throws it offstage. Later within the show, he looks angry as well as throws the microphone hard.

Right Now, The LAPD Is Gathering Details About What Happened:

A source has stated that a battery report was made alongside the police shortly after the event. A law enforcement source states that the LAPD is still getting information about what happened.

From the show last night’s film and other evidence, it seems clear that 50 actually threw the mic as well as hit Monegain. I hear that the reasons for and how are being looked at closely.

After last night’s show, several pictures of Monegain were shared online, and they showed that she had deep cuts on her face. But people don’t seem to agree on why Monegain was where she was when the mic-toss happened.

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During The Show, The Rapper Was Upset Because This Was The 4th Dead Microphone He Had Been Given:

In a reversal of the recent fight where audience members threw dangerous objects on stage, video from the night before shows the “In Da Club” rapper getting angry about a microphone he had just been given while his stage partner YG was singing “Toot It and Boot It.”

It was said that this was the fourth broken mic that 50 got at last night’s Final Lap tour stop. The radio DJ hasn’t talked about what happened yet, but her Instagram account, The Neighborhood Talk, posted a picture of Monegain with a deep cut on her forehead.

When Jackson couldn’t get the mic to work, he threw it toward the center of the stage, not through the crowd. The fireworks and sound devices are kept in that walled-off area.

At this point, we don’t know why or how Monegain was within the limited area. This is part of the investigation into what happened.

Recently, The LAPD Began Looking Into A Case Of Battery Involving Cardi B:

For security concerns that have nothing to do alongside mic tosses, the fireworks and sound area right in front of the stage is usually off-limits to everyone except qualified staff at shows like 50 Cent’s.

The accusations come a few weeks after Las Vegas police dropped a criminal battery investigation through an episode in which Cardi B threw a microphone at a fan.

Someone in the crowd seemed to throw water on the WAP singer in a video that was shared on social media. In response, she threw the microphone into the crowd.

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International Tour Dates For Rapper Start In Late September:

The Final Lap Tour started in July and ended on December 14 within Auckland, New Zealand. Dates in other countries began in late September. So far, Jackson has said nothing about the event.

He is performing tonight within Chula Vista, which is south of San Diego. Over the next week, he will be in Irvine and Sacramento as part of a tour that will take him all over the United States and into Canada before he heads to Europe at the conclusion of September.