League of Legends kicks off its 2022 season with tweaks, skins, and a multi-reward tournament


The game will have a partial 5-level reset in ranked matches and all players will be reassigned.

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League of Legends

Following the preseason changes, Riot Games finally kicks off the season 2022 in League of Legends. Like every year, the game will undergo several changes, including the traditional restart applied to the qualifying system. Something different, however, was the announcement of a tournament which will come with various rewards, but will only be available for a weekend.

The tournament will take place during a single weekendThe champions Gangplank, Diana, Rek’Sai, and Sona have been adjusted in this update, along with various items, spells, and even jungle monsters. Are enough changes to mention, including the skins, but on the official site you can take a look at them in detail.

To celebrate the start of the season, Riot Games has organized a special tournament called Clash God of the Forge, which will take place in a single weekend. During the days January 15th and 16th, participating players will have a chance to win some goodies, such as trophies, banners and team logos. You will be able to register for the tournament from January 10.

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From January 7th The 2022 qualifying season will begin and, as we already mentioned, all players will be reassigned according to their abilities. The update also comes with some changes to the descent system on the upper levels. “These changes are intended to correct placement errors and improve the matchmaking experience,” reads the official description.

The 2022 season marks the start of the 2022 world championship, which will return to America after several years of absence from the continent. League of Legends broke its viewer record in the Worlds 2021 final, so this year it has already started with a difficult goal to overcome.

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