League of Legends: Udyr recibe un re-work


The success of League of Legends It does not disappear, but grows exponentially, and that is why they continue to update it, create new content and add or modify elements. Since 2019, Riot Games has allowed great feedback, allowing players to decide which champions will have a visual upgrade and will be updated.

In fact, this is about voting, and in them, the one who has come out “winner” for a re-work has been Udyr, the Walking Spirit. It had already evolved, in fact. He has four basic skills, instead of the three he had originally. But the voting has been massive, and everyone wants the character to be redone by modern standards. The result can be expected to be like the last skin: Udyr Guardian Spirit:

The work will not be completed for a few months, apparently, but the developer has ensured that they will be giving news over the months. Rest assured, that Riot is not going to abandon League of Legends, in fact, as we told you, the eleventh season of the multiplayer game has served to reveal a new – and dark – champion for the game, that the name of Viego.

Source: GameRant

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