Leah Remini Is Suing The Church Of Scientology For Harassment, Intimidation, Spying, And Slander


Leah Remini Is Suing The Church Of Scientology For Harassment, Intimidation, Spying, And Slander:

Leah Remini, an actress who used to be a member of the Church of Scientology, sued the group and its head, David Miscavige, upon Wednesday.

Remini left the church within 2013 after getting a member since she was a child. She said that for 17 years, she had been harassed, threatened, followed, and lied about.

She wants the church to pay for the financial and emotional hurt it caused her, which she says was caused by the church.

Leah Remini’s Lawyers Filed 60 Pages Complaint Within California’s Superior Court:

In a 60-page complaint filed within California’s Superior Court, her lawyers wrote, “Most importantly, she wants injunctive relief to end Scientology’s policies in opposition to Suppressive Persons so that current as well as former Scientologists as well as others who want to expose Scientology’s abuses, such as journalists and advocates, can do so without fear of being threatened into silence.”

Along with claims that Remini has been “stalked, surveilled, harassed, threatened, as well as intimidated” and that she has been the target of “intentionally malicious and fraudulent rumors” upon the internet, the 60-page document made several references to Tom Cruise, because the actress states her life as a Scientologist changed after he married Katie Holmes in 2006.

Leah Remini Was Additionally Fighting The David Miscavige Who Is Church’s Head:

Remini is also fighting the church’s head, David Miscavige. She says that Cruise is “essentially second within command” within the church.

“Scientology as well as David Miscavige have put me through what I think is psychological torture, lies, spying, abuse, and pressure for 17 years, which has had a big effect on my life and work.

“I don’t think I’m the first person Scientology as well as its operations have gone after, but I plan to be the last,” Leah Remini said within a press statement on Wednesday.

The Lawsuit Stated That After Remini Left The Organization Set Up A Series Of Malicious Attacks:

The lawsuit says that after Remini left, the organization set up a series of “coordinated as well as malicious attacks,” such as public assertions that she was mean to both of her parents and had said racist things.

Remini thinks that her standing within the church altered after Tom Cruise married Katie Holmes in 2006. In the case, the actress calls the Top Gun: Maverick star Miscavige’s “best friend” and says that he is “Scientology’s second-in-command.”

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“It is a High Crime within Scientology to criticize in any way,” the filing says. It also says that in 2004, Miscavige told a group of Scientologists at a gala within England that Cruise was “probably the most dedicated Scientologist I know.”

The event was called “the wedding of the century,” so Remini was surprised that Miscavige’s wife, Michele Miscavige, “had been nowhere to be traced.”

David said that Shelly’s job was to always write down everything, so that a group of secretaries might later copy his words and orders and spread them throughout Scientology.

“When Ms. Remini queried a group of Scientology executives as well as Tom Cruise’s personal handlers, ‘Where is Shelly?,’ they immediately told her off, even though she as well as Ms. Miscavige were close friends,” the lawsuit says.

Ms. Remini Noticed Other Thing At The Wedding Such As Unethical Interactions Between Scientology Executives And Other Guests:

“Ms. Remini saw other things at the wedding that made her suspicious, like unethical interactions between Scientology executives as well as other wedding guests, which she knew were against Scientology teachings,” the paper says.

Remini wrote about her worries in a “Knowledge report,” which was given to the church. “Ms. Remini was intentionally brainwashed into thinking that by submitting paperwork such as this, she was assisting Scientology as well as saving her religion,” but it didn’t seem to work out well.

“Scientology is a religion that provides a clear path to a full and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature and relationship to oneself, family, groups, Mankind, all life forms, the material universe, the spiritual universe, as well as the Supreme Being,” says the church’s website.

“By filing this lawsuit, I hope to safeguard my rights under the Constitution of the US in order to tell the truth about Scientology and report the facts,” Remini said in her statement.

“I strongly believe that the symbol of freedom of religion does not grant anyone the right to intimidate, harass, and harm people who use their constitutional rights.”

After Being Tortured Mentally For Months, Ms. Remini Was On The Verge Of Going Crazy:

After Italy, Remini says she was told to go to the Flag Land Base building in Clearwater, Florida, which “is considered the spiritual headquarters of Scientology.”

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The actress says that she was made to “go through a quick ‘ethics cycle,'” which, as a Scientologist for more than 30 years, was “one of her worst nightmares.”

“When Ms. Remini got there, Scientologists gave her dozens of private reports where they said she was rude at the wedding. Ms. Remini knew she was getting in trouble because she asked where Shelly Miscavige was as well as wrote reports about David Miscavige and others.

The claim says that Ms. Remini was kept at FLAG for four months whereas she endured a process that cost her thousands of dollars as well as almost caused her to have a mental break.

“After being tortured mentally for months, Ms. Remini was on the verge of going crazy. She finally gave up, took back all of her papers, and accepted that she was the problem,” it says.

Remini left FLAG in the end and went back to Los Angeles, where she “had to lie to her coworkers, friends, and family regarding what happened in Florida.”

She Spent Over $5 Million In 35 Years Because She Was A Scientologist.

Remini says she had to find a way to get along with David as well as Cruise. “For example, she was compelled to give money to name a theater seat after Suri Cruise and gather money for contributions to Scientology causes headed by Tom Cruise,” the claim says.

The actor thinks she has spent about $5 million on Scientology in the more than thirty-five years that she has been a member. People from the church bother CNN CNN didn’t end up running a conversation with Remini.

In 2015, Remini said that she was meant to promote her book Troublemaker upon Anderson Cooper’s show, but the conversation never aired.

“Because Scientology has a history of being very litigious, the conversation was taped ahead of time so that CNN’s legal staff could look it over. Mr. Cooper told Ms. Remini before the interview started that the interview might not run.

“Mr. Cooper said that Ms. Remini told him that when he broadcast a five-part series upon David Miscavige’s physical abuse, he as well as his producers were attacked so much that they weren’t ready to face another round of harassment,” the complaint says.

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“Since Cooper’s show ran in 2010, he hasn’t talked about Scientology in any other show. Even now, the suspects still have websites that say bad things about Mr. Cooper as well as his creators.

Leah Remini Says That A Person With A Criminal Past And A Mental Illness Has Been Following Her:

The actor says that she has been followed, watched, and bullied for years, and that this is still going on. She talks about a scary thing that happened to her in 2020, when a man alongside “a history of schizophrenia as well as a violent criminal record” often parked in front of her house.

“Based on what they heard from former top Scientology agents, the defendants gave this man a car and money so he could follow and spy on Ms. Remini.

Over the course of a few weeks, at the request of the defendants, this man drove his car into the locked gates of Ms. Remini’s neighborhood and asked residents for her address. He said he had been waiting to get into her house and needed a bigger ladder to reach her bedroom window.

“He was finally taken into custody and then let go. When he was free, he phoned the police and said that Ms. Remini had taken people hostage at her house. When the cops went to Ms. Remini’s home, he was taken again.”

Remini says that Scientology workers usually look for “people who are mentally ill, homeless, as well as addicted to drugs, as well as other vulnerable people, to harass its enemies.”

Recently, In 2023, A Video Surveillance Camera Caught An Unknown Person Coming To Ms. Remini’s Gate:

“An unidentified man was seen on video surveillance coming to Ms. Remini’s gated community with a hammer in a car as recently as 2023,” the paper says.

This person, who hasn’t been named, drove to Ms. Remini’s house and broke her mailbox, which she has kept securely locked, in order to steal her mail.

When the police answered Ms. Remini’s call, they thought he was sent by Scientology as well as based on what they knew and what they thought, he was sent by the defendants.